It’s hot to “wash your face”! These 4 cheap and easy -to -use facial cleanser are very suitable for spring and summer

In spring and summer, the amount of skin oil secretion increases. Whether it is oil or dry skin, daily cleaning wants to replace the facial cleanser into a clean and non -slip product, and

Basic cleaning, as the basis of daily skin care, is also a step that we have to pay special attention to


Today, Koala will give you an inventory

Four cheaper and easy to use facial cleanser. The cleaning effect is good and does not hurt the skin. It is very suitable for spring and summer.

Before that, it is necessary to emphasize that the foaming ability and foam volume of the facial cleanser are not hooked with the cleaning effect; the more the foam amount, the densely the facial cleanser, the stronger the lipid ability.

Jia Jianjian

Jieyan honey is

Domestic cleansing

The type of hot -selling products, its texture also left a kind of people

Soothing and gentle

impression. This cleansing is a clean and dewy cleaning product.

Among them, the surplus activist is a component of amino acids, APG and beet -alkali. One of its highlights is that the amount of amino acid surface has reached 45%, which is also a very high concentration in domestic cleansing.

In addition, 4D hyaluronic acid moisturizes the skin. It is cleaned with it. The cleansing can not only add water to dissolve quickly, but also can easily make a plump foam with their bare hands.

After washing the face with it, the surface of the skin is very refreshing and retaining the moisture of the skin. The moist skin touch will not have the problem of tightness.

Although it is a gel texture, the flushing is fast and has no film, and it will not retain the thick and fake sliding feeling of cleaning honey.

Dry skin is very suitable to clean it at night.

John Jeff amino acid cleansing fluid

This cleansing solution is

The similarity of the moisturizing texture, the liquidity is very good

You can directly rub the foam without the need to add water to dissolve.

The surplus is amino acids, and there are polyol moisturizing. Its formula is very streamlined. It is a clean item that is more suitable for sensitive skin and efficient skin barriers to fragile.

In the case of ensuring the oil pollution of the skin on the skin, the skin is moist and not dry after washing, and it will not cause additional stimulation to the skin.

In addition, this cleansing is also a product that can directly remove waterproof sunscreen.

For sensitive skin, it is convenient and secure with it; dry skin and oil skin can try this cleansing solution

The amount of oily skin is slightly increased.

Ding Jiayi Jingyan Xiu Cleansing Milk

If you want to find one

It not only ensures the cleaning effect, but also has a comfortable wash, and the price is also affordable.

Then this cleansing milk is too suitable for the requirements.

In terms of the choice of table activists, it contains amino acid table activity, as well as bisexual+non -benefit seeds. The purpose is to achieve clean and cleaning and foaming at the same time.

In addition, this cleansing milk also adds a patent plant extract, which helps to soothe the skin during the cleaning process to avoid the skin feel tight and uncomfortable.

Although the cleansing milk is a solidified cream makeup, the cream is soft and soft, and the melting rubbing is still very simple and fast. The amount of foam is moderate, and it is very clean and comfortable to rinse.

After washing the face with it, the skin surface has a slight astringency but does not dry out. For those who are pursuing the smooth skin after cleaning, choose it to have a good cleaning experience, and to avoid damage to the skin to a certain extent.

This cleansing milk is suitable for a variety of skin types, and it is more appropriate to use it with large oil skin.

Alpha 阿 sour facial cleanser

This cleansing is

Washing+net effect combination

A clean item. In the process of washing the face, the skin of the skin was gently exfoliated to assist the acne problem that improved the skin.

The combination of APG+beetine used by the table activist is to reduce the stimulus as much as possible, and clean and clean. As a skin care ingredient, citric acid is used to dissolve blackheads and dredge pores. It also has a good care effect on skin that is prone to acne.

In addition, the addition of glycerin can increase moisturizing the skin and avoid drying the skin after washing. Its texture is very similar to the texture of the essence water, and its liquidity is relatively strong. It is easier to make foam with the help of the foam net. It is also very convenient to rinse, and the skin is smooth after washing.

Although it is a facial cleanser, it

Stimulation is still relatively low

In addition, the overall formula is relatively streamlined. Whether it is oily skin or in the acne period, it is no problem to use it. If it is a large oil skin, this cleansing is more suitable for cleaning in the morning.

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The above is the introduction and description of soothing face cleanser, I hope it can be helpful to you.