Ford/BMW will start testing solid -state batteries in 2022

A few days ago, some media reports said that the two car giants of BMW and Ford are accelerating the research and development of solid -state batteries, and plans to carry vehicles from 2022 and start testing in actual operating conditions.

In 2017, BMW and Ford announced their investment in Solid Power, which officially formal the supplier of the two car manufacturers in the future. It is currently reported that Solid Power is expanding the scale of its Colorado factory, while preparing to start the production of its solid -state batteries in early 2022.

It is reported that the new factory will focus on the manufacture of sulfide solid electrolyte materials and provide space for a production line that focuses on the 100 Anding battery. Ford and BMW may start carrying and testing these solid-state batteries in the actual situation in early 2022. By 2025-2030, the solid battery technology matures and starts the market before testing them.

At the same time, Solid Power officially declared that it did not intend to be competitors of companies such as Panasonic, LG or Ningde Times, but regarded itself as a material company. Doug Campbell, CEO of Solid Power, said he hopes to create enough electrolyte materials to support the 10GWH/year power demand in 2027. To this end, it requires the production capacity of electrolytes to have higher “magnitude”.

(Car House)

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