Suitable for the second grade-children’s art course summer series “Dance of Octopus”

Octopus dance

Teaching objectives

1. Learn and understand the knowledge of octopus encyclopedia 2. Through the painting of comprehensive materials such as rubber gloves and color clay, feel the performance of plane and three -dimensional painting 3. Learn beautiful colors

Educational Tools

Rubber gloves, gouache pigments, toilet paper, color clay, solid rubber stick, adhesive decoration, gouache paper

Observation and discussion

Octopus is also known as octopus. It is the general name of the 26 -genus of 26 -genus octopus. 1 or 2 columns.

Octopus is temperate software animals. It lives underwater and grows to eat large animal -based floating creatures. It is widely distributed in tropical and temperate waters of the world’s oceans.

Production step

Step 1: First of all, we use dark blue, light blue, white gouache pigments, and use dry painting methods to paint changing sea water.

Step 2: Use 4 rubber gloves to make the body and tentacles of dancing small octopus. The filling of the toilet paper makes the work more three -dimensional.

Step 3: Use your favorite flour pigments to dye the beautiful color of the small octopus.

Step 4: Select the colorful clay color you like, make a small suction part of the octopus, make it more complete.

Step 5: The addition of cute expressions makes the picture more emotional and interactive.

Step 6: The green painting of the gouache pigment is used to draw the aquatic plants with the background, and the lid of the solid rubber stick is printed with transparent bubbles, and the picture is full of vitality.

Step 7: The addition of the beautiful little headgear makes the small octopus more cute.

Step 8: Finally adjust the picture, the work is completed as a whole.

After -school review

1. The lines drawn by children must be smooth, vividly and vividly summarize the appearance characteristics of the small octopus, and at the same time, it also shows the picture relationship between front and rear, space, and obstruction. 2. In the picture, the children boldly played their own creation, added beautiful decorations in the picture, changing expressions, etc., vivid and childlike. 3. Through the method of clipping and the combination of three -dimensional production, the children use creative methods to show the theme of this painting. They are full of beauty and full of visual beauty of three -dimensional and plane.

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