Underground garage slopes are often designed by the landscape. Recently, many students have received feedback from feedback. I do n’t know how to choose the steel structure specifications to ensure the safety and economy of the structure. design.

The width of the ramp in this article is 7.5 meters and the length is 15.5 meters. It is a regular two -way lane.

The specific design is as follows:

The pillar is selected from Q235 150*150*5 square steel columns with a spacing of 2550

The main beam uses Q235 150*150*5 square steel beam (Figure purple part)


The second beam uses Q235 100*100*4 square steel beam (the yellow part of the picture)

The side and top surface uses 6+0.76+6 clamp tension glass

Load calculation and value

Roof glass load: 26*0.012 = 0.315kn/m2

Roof live load: 0.5kn/m2


Wind lotus load is based on the “Loading Specification”


Seismic anti -seismic design in the 7 -degree seismic anti -seismic design

Calculation results


Internal force calculation


Under the combination of Henghe load and live load, the column and beams have a large power

The beam of the main beam end negatively bends and cross -medium -bending moment is large, and the bending moment of the column is large

The stress ratio is as follows, which can meet the strength design requirements.

The largest deformation place is in the cross -medium position of the main beam. Under the action of the combination load, the maximum deformation value is 12.41mm, and the scratch ratio = 12.41/7500 = 1/604 is less than the allowable value of the specification.

Based on the above calculations, the design of the steel duty sheds of the reservoir can meet the strength and deformation requirements.