Flat shoes are the most comfortable loyal partners in shopping, more intimately more intimately than my boyfriend to take care of your feet. Many girls are worrying about flat shoes. It is not as good as high -heeled shoes to modify the legs of the legs. Today, I recommend a few super -fashionable Han Fan’er flat shoes ~~

¥ 525.00

2016 New Simple Word with thick -bottomed loose cake sandals Korean versatile white leather flat bottom fish mouth sandals

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1. This year’s hot broadband and cold bottom shoes, the black and white color is simple and versatile. Selected cowhide as the leather of shoes, the humanized buckle design is convenient for daily penetration. The design of the non -slip shading avoids sweating feet to slip, and the soft soles that can be concave and concave. You only need to enter a pair of shopping dating.

¥ 502.00

Flat sandals female summer 2016 leather Korean version of the trendy fish mouth Roman sandals large size with flat heel sandals

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2. To be honest, there are not many shoes with the head layer of cowhide. This pair of European and American Fan Er’s simple hi street sandals are the main sense of comfortable feet. Slender slender. Such versatile shoes, whether with wide -leg pants or dresses, how to match it !!

¥ 565.00

2016 Xia Women’s Korean version of the sandals with a flat -bottom sandals in a flat -bottom sandals

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3. The popularity of Korean Internet celebrities does not require us to say more. The fresh and versatile temperament routes that Smecta prefer is reflected in this shoe. This pair of shoes has an advantage. The designer fully took care of the girls with a wide range of flesh and a little fat on the back and insteps. You will find that the instep will be so thin visually that the instep will be so thin visually

¥ 399.00

Sandals women’s summer 2016 new mid -heels, currently, spoil straps, high -heeled shoes thick heels, fish mouth shoes, simple summer women’s shoes

最潮最火的平底凉鞋 网红们都在穿

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最潮最火的平底凉鞋 网红们都在穿

4. Since the small spikes have been tied to the entire street, the small ears flat shoes are the favorite of various net red masters. There are many different versions of flowers on the Internet and the flat shoes of tassel elements come out, and the quality is uneven. At the same time as the main quality, it has a comfortable sense of intercourse, exquisite stitching and sticky glue, and long legs can also highlight the quality and high quality.

最潮最火的平底凉鞋 网红们都在穿

¥ 168.00

Pre -sale [Poison Home Make] They copy me to describe the first seven -color thick -heeled sandals in 16 years

最潮最火的平底凉鞋 网红们都在穿

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5. The fine pants tube to the skin can make you look thin and achieve a significant role, so it can still be calm with flat sandals. Of course, if your flat sandals are so simple and exquisite, the effect is bound to be better.

¥ 638.00

最潮最火的平底凉鞋 网红们都在穿

Belle summer new counter with the same flat sandals with simple buckle slopes heel sandals female GC30DBL5

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6, flat sandals are a great partner for summer travel. The light and changeable styles now make you hold fashion. Whether it is simple slippers or sweet lace -up models, you are very fashionable.

最潮最火的平底凉鞋 网红们都在穿

¥ 398.00

最潮最火的平底凉鞋 网红们都在穿

LittleGood British retro sports sandals female summer student versatile beach shoes pure leather flat base sandals Rome

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7. This year’s beach shoes are really a hot potato, and there are few good -looking. This beach shoes advocate the leather, and no matter what popular elements, the quality and comfortable sense of intercourse are first, the bright colors and cross -band design are full of youth.

最潮最火的平底凉鞋 网红们都在穿

¥ 356.00

16 years of summer new leather travel flat sports sandals women’s slope casual dew -toe thick sole magic stick shoe female

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8. The main pair of shoes, take you all over the world without grinding your feet. In the summer of 2016, the latest leather tourist sandals will combine exercise with fashion to liberate their feet and sprinkle their personality.

¥ 988.00

2016 Summer European and American leather loose cake thick bottom Roman off -toed shaking shoes flat bottom with magic post student sandals female

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9. Seriously, it ’s really a white student who ca n’t find a good style. This one is really thin. Do n’t make money without being thin! Surprising the same models of the world’s fashion stars, the student party must have a tide shoes! Intersection