Although the current season of the lunar calendar, major car companies are busy summarizing the end of the year, and the number of new cars has been released. But there are still some car companies that can’t get off, just like the new Asian dragon we are talking about today.


According to many vertical media reports in the automotive industry, the new Asian Dragon will be listed as soon as the first quarter of this year, and the declaration map that has been exposed has been changed mainly in the front face. For example With a new style of headlight group, the refinement has improved a lot.

In terms of body size, in addition to 15mm in length, the new Asian dragon remains unchanged in width, height and wheelbase. However, in view of the internal space of Asian Dragons, the length of the body is definitely good.


In addition, the rim shape of the new Asian Dragon has also changed. Similar to the change of the Accord and the Yingshi, the positioning of the entire vehicle tends to be younger. However, the tail adjustment of the new Asian dragon is adjusted for the hidden exhaust layout. I do n’t know if some friends can accept it.


Next is the interior part. The main change is to cancel a large number of physical buttons and equipped with a full LCD instrument. To be honest, this has really enhanced a certain technological atmosphere for Japanese cars that have always lacked a sense of technology.

However, some netizens said that the touch -type keys are not confident at all unless they make the use of Audi. Because many bars are said, now it is the era of voice control. It is enough to adjust the temperature and listen to a song. Who is still pressing the button like before?


If you think about it, this is really the case. After all, Tesla had cut off the physical buttons long ago, and even patented it, and the steering wheel entity button was canceled.

But the problem is that in terms of the intelligent level of Toyota’s current vehicle aircraft, it is still impossible to replace the convenient physical buttons in a short time. Because the reaction speed and recognition accuracy of the vehicle indeed still have room for progress.

In fact, the Camry, which was changed at the beginning of last year, was quite pragmatic. The 10.1 -inch new suspended mid -control screen was replaced. The inside was equipped with intelligent voice interaction. The physical buttons were also retained. According to the feedback from consumers, basically they were basically all. It’s praise.

Of course, the above is just guessing. As for the actual experience of changing the Asian dragon, it depends on the subsequent experience. Maybe it can really surprise you.

Next is the screen position of the Asian Dragon. As we all know, when the Asian Dragon was launched at that time, some public opinion on the Internet talked about its interior screen position like “tombstones”. Although some people deliberately carried rhythm on the Internet, this was the voice of consumers after all. Will make some adjustments.

It is a pity that in terms of the picture of this change, there is no change in the position, and it still stands there. As many netizens spit, can the central control screen be changed? It is true that there may be no hope in the short term. Maybe when the Asian dragon is replaced, this part will be adjusted.

Overall, Asia Dragon has made some changes this time, more scientific and technological and younger, which has improved its competitiveness. Although there are some places that they are not satisfied with all netizens, at least it is changing, which may be a good thing.

[Conclusion] In summary of the above content, the small change of Asian dragons canceled a large number of physical keys. The screen position has not changed, but the sense of technology and delicateness increases a lot. Do you buy such an Asian dragon? Welcome to leave a message to interact at the end of the article and tell your own opinions and opinions.