Versace is a luxury brand in Italy. Its products include many types. Among them, the perfume series has always been sought after by people. So, how much is a bottle of Versace’s perfume? What is the price of the counter?

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Fan Si Zhe perfume price list

VERSACE Versace Fascinating Legend of Peridum 50ml ¥ 399.00

VERSACE Verser Fascinating Legend of Peridum 30ml ¥ 329.00

VERSACE Verser Black Diamond Women’s Perfume 90ml ¥ 449.00

VERSACE Versace Classic (Heartbow) Female Perfume EDT100ML ¥ 489.00

VERSACE Versace Fascinating Legend Percerament EDP100ML ¥ 489.00

VERSACE Versace, Classic men’s perfume 30ml ¥ 319.00

VERSACE Versace classic classic men’s perfume 100ml ¥ 459.00

Versace Versic Fan Pink Crystal Women’s Perfume 90ml ¥ 459.00

VERSACE Versace Classic (Heartbow) Female Perfume ¥ 299.00


VERSACE Versace Classic (Heartbow) Female Perfume EDT50ML ¥ 399.00

Versace Versic Powder Crystal Women’s Perfume 30ml ¥ 329.00

Versace Versic Fan Pink Crystal Women’s Perfume 50ml ¥ 399.00


If the market price is mobilized, the transaction price at the time is still prevailing.

Fans Zhel Perfume Blood Tone

While paying attention to the expression of artistic sense, it pays more attention to the “romantic and pleasant mood, which fully reflects the charm of perfume”. Fan Sizhe’s perfume is filled with a faint fragrance, fresh and elegant smell, simple and pure, and is always full of spirit, clean and refreshing. It fully reflects the rushing and confident character living in the metropolis, and the power that is struggling. The bright and colorful colors, bold and unrestrained design styles, the aristocratic elegance and gorgeous in the blood of Versace’s brand, showing luxury.

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How to buy Versace perfume

1. The romantic dating of Crystal Diamond Perfume, which is suitable for sweet dating, is looking forward to the birth of beautiful love. This Versic perfume has a warm taste, a hearty smell, a little fantasy, and more suitable for sweet dating.

2. The faint taste of neutral perfume This perfume is a male perfume, because the taste is a faint smell, it is also very popular with girls, suitable for daily use.

3. Crystalnoir Starry Night Crystal This is a bottle of magical perfume, exquisite and sexy, sexy aroma amazing and charming, with extreme feminine oriental floral fragrance, enhance the elegance contained in the aroma, deeply sensitive charm, more suitable for mature charm ladies Essence

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