Flower said:

The bottle is the most commonly exposed tableware in the baby’s infant.

The material is all over, which is better and safe?

Today, Hua Dad came to evaluate 10 hot -selling bottle sold on the market.


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Table of contents

Evaluation sample

Evaluation indicator

material analysis

Workmanship details

Grasp experience

Cleaning convenience

Functional experience


Performance General Review

Laboratory testing

Consumer advice

The samples of this evaluation are uniformly selected to declare the bottle (more stringent) that the March -old baby can use.

After the baby is old, the pacifier traffic needs to be increased. At this time, you don’t need to change the bottle body, and you can change the pacifier of the same brand.


According to the sales volume of e -commerce platforms and fans, Hua chose 10 bottle.

Note: March baby is mainly feeding by parents holding milk bottles. Without a heavy force, you can buy accessories by yourself.


“Little Red Flower Evaluation” public account background reply “Baby Bottle” to view the full brand name.


All “food contact level” materials

The bottle and pacifier on the market are basically silicone.

There are three main types of bottle body, namely PPSU plastic, silicone, and high borosilica glass.

PPSU plastic

PPSU plastic, which has the advantages of high strength, high transparency, high temperature resistance, can disinfect at high temperature.

One of the raw materials of PPSU is bisphenols S (BPS), which is used to replace bisphenol A (BPA) that is “prohibited for bottle”.

In the scientific literature of Hua Dad’s milk bottle evaluation, domestic and foreign literature generally believes that BPS is toxic to animals, and the security of PPSU is still controversial.

There are no standard methods for BPS detection in China, and it cannot be detected for the time being.

Therefore, Hua Dad’s opinion is: try to buy big brands and food contact -level PPSUs.


Animal studies have found that BPS and BPA have similar estrogen effects, and the impact on aquatic creatures is even more obvious than BPA.

▲ Interture from “Bisphenol A and its alternative bisphenols to the toxic effects and mechanisms of fish immunity and nerve endocrine system”

Silica gel

Soft and high temperature resistance can disinfect at high temperature.

my country has strict requirements for volatiles in infant pacifiers, and the limit is not more than 0.5%.

Interture from GB 4806.2-2015 “Food Safety Standard Pither”

According to past sampling information, the situation where the content of volatiles is unqualified.

It is recommended that you buy new silicone products that have not been tested.

Disinfection with boiling water can help reduce the content of organic hair products.

Some people are worried that silicone is easy to get ashes. In fact, because the bottle is used and frequently, it does not need to worry about it.

High borosilica glass

Abrasion resistance, high transparency, good thermal resistance, can disinfect at high temperature and ultraviolet rays.

In family use scenarios, it is not easy to burst when it is cold and heat.

The state stipulates that the heavy metal lead and cadmium in the glass must not exceed the limit.


According to the previous sampling, there is no colorful glass products in the inner wall, and heavy metals rarely exceed the standard.

I suggest you buy it,

Try to buy a bottle printed on the outer wall as much as possible.

The characteristics of the above three materials, the summary of possible risk substances as follows:


1. Ten milk bottles and accessories have “qualified inspection” and “food contact level” logo.

2. Silicone and PPSU plastic should avoid ultraviolet disinfection.

Silicone and PPSU will accelerate aging and reduce the service life under the exposure of ultraviolet rays for a long time. It is best to disinfect it with boiling water.

2 models are not clear enough


It should be clearly visible, and it is convenient for night milk;

Dust cover:

To tighten the bottle to avoid polluted pacifiers.

The scale line has color, clearer, convenient to rush night milk

The workmanship of 10 bottle workmanship is as follows:

1. Two silicone bottle, the scale is not clear enough.


Card M Didi, Cable M more

The scales are not used in color seals, but it is displayed on the bottle. Night to rush milk, you may not be able to see it clearly.

The left is a clear scale X, and the right is not clear M.

2.h*g*n Inner lid is a threadless design, and it will open immediately.


The inner cover is a threadless design. It can be opened with a little force. It is more convenient.

After testing, the milk will not leak.

Wire hard, you can open it


The glass is heavier, smooth and easy to get off

The baby bottle is light, arc, or with handlers, which will be more suitable for the baby to grab it by themselves.


Weight: Glass > Silicone > PPSU Plastic

The bottle with a volume of about 150 ml is from left to right: PPSU plastic, silicone, glass, glass heavier

N*K’s handle has a depression, which is convenient for fingers to grab

The statistical statistics of the 10 milk bottles are as follows:

1.PPSU, silicone bottle, grab.

At the same time, it is suitable: parents hold and baby support the bottle by themselves.

Silicone is softer and more friction, and it is easier for babies to grasp.

2. The glass bottle is heavy and only suitable for parents to feed.

3. The bottle designed by handle is more suitable for the baby to grasp it by themselves.

4 models can be scrub directly

Large caliber, the bottle with completely demolished components, is easier to clean.

When brewing milk powder, it is not easy to sprinkle milk powder outside.

Small diameter, brush with a bottle

The convenience statistics of the 10 milk bottles are as follows:

1. The diameter of the four bottle is large and can be scrubbed directly.

Shi X, Card M Di, can M, H*G*N

If the caliber is large, you can scrub it directly with a rag in hand.

The diameter of Shi X is the largest, you can scrub it directly with a rag


For other small -caliber bottle, it is best to use the bottle to clean.

2. There are many components in four, and they need to be disassembled and cleaned.

Card M Di, Mo Mo M, Small T Beans


There are gravity balls, and the gravity ball and the straw are not integrated designs. They need to be disassembled and cleaned;

Little T bean’s gravity ball, pacifier, small Tou’s gravial ball, pacifier

Cloth L Bo S

Give away the MINI brush, which can help cleaning the dirt.

It is best to clean it after drinking to prevent the milk mass and increase the difficulty of cleaning.

The effect of anti -flatulence in cloth L

Anti -flatulence function

A bottle with anti -flatulence design can reduce the air inhaled when the baby drinks milk, thereby helping reduce flatulence.

The common anti -bombing bottle on the market is: air -conducting pipe type and air -conducting pores.

Tube type:

Among the brands you purchased this time

It is a pipe design.

The plane of the milk liquid is lower than the gas guide pipe

The air enters from the gap of the bottle cap, then enters the pipe, and finally arrives at the bottom of the bottle.

Note that the pipes should not be drowned by the milk, otherwise the milk will be leaked from the bottle mouth.

Polar conductivity

The remaining 9 milk bottles are all to prevent flatulence, as follows:

▲ The air conductor should be upward, not submerged by the milk;

The air enters the bottle from the air conductor to balance the air pressure in the bottle.


Unilateral air conductor,

The air conductors should be above.

Below the air conductor will be submerged by the milk. The air will enter the bottle to produce small bubbles, which is more likely to cause baby flatulence.

Double -sided air conductor,

Only when both holes are flooded can they enter the bubbles, which is relatively difficult to operate.

When the bilateral air conductors are overwhelmed, there are continuous small bubbles in the bottom of the air conducting pores below

How to choose the air conductor vs?

Tourist pipe: Anti -flatulence is better, but the bottle needs to be cleaned several times a day, which is more troublesome;


Torch holes: The effect of anti -flatulence is average, but it is convenient to clean.

But anti -bottle anti -bottle is not universal. After drinking milk, the steps of snoring, still not less ~

Anti -呛 milk function

There are two main reasons for causing milk:

1. Caused by flatulence

The baby’s flatulence causes vomiting. The milk that spit out, entering the trachea, will be pinched.

In this case, bottle with anti -flatulence function can be improved.

2. The pacifier has a large milk hole too large

The milk hole of the pacifier is too large. When the baby sucks lightly, there will be a large mouthful of milk pouring into the mouth.

When it is too late to be swallowed, it is easy to be pinched.

In this case, a pacifier with a suitable traffic is required.

The amount of water in the 10 bottle of milk is as follows:

(The samples are applied according to the age of March)

1. Little T Bean is suitable for older babies.

Its water output is obviously larger than other bottles. It is recommended to choose this one, and then choose this.

2. Sonic C, Bei Q, and Bu L Bo S, suitable for small moon -age babies.

These three models, the evaluations used a lot of effort to suck, and the water output is still relatively small, which is more suitable for small menstrual babies.


After the baby is slightly older, it can be replaced with a slightly large pacifier, and the baby can save the baby to eat milk ~

3. The other six pacifiers are moderate.


Forming function

The larger the overall width of the pacifier, the softer, the closer to the mother’s breasts.

It is helpful to reduce the baby’s resistance to the baby bottle and to switch between breast milk and milk powder.

From left to right, the width of the pacifier decreases, and the shape of the left side is closest to the mother’s breast

details as follows:

The width of Shi X pacifier is the largest, and the shape is close to the breast.


The pacifier is 71.5 mm wide, which is closer to the real breast in shape. It can reduce the baby’s resistance to a certain extent. When the breast milk and milk powder need to be switched, the baby will not make the baby feel significantly different.

The performance of the 10 bottle uses the performance as follows:

Safety detection

Based the above indicators,

Good work details, high degree of cleaning convenience, and closest to the breast form, Hua Dad sent it for inspection.

For all silica, only silicone can be exposed to milk.

According to the national compulsory standard GB 4806.2-2015 “Food Safety National Standard Pile”, testing

Silicone pacifiers, total migration, organic volatilization.

“Little Red Flower Evaluation” public account background reply to “Baby Bottle” to view the complete report.

After testing, these two projects meet the standard requirements and pass the security.

Price: 185 yuan

Recommended reason:

Silicone material, good non -slip, can disinfect at high temperature;

Organic volatiles, total migration meet the standard requirements, and pass the security;

Clear scales, convenient cleaning, bilateral air exhaustion to prevent flatulence;

The pacifier is soft and the imitation is high.

1. According to the material of the bottle, select the appropriate disinfection method.

Generally speaking, glass can be cooked at high temperature and ultraviolet disinfection;

Silicone and PPSU plastic. It is best not to disinfect UV rays to avoid accelerating aging and shortening product life.


The specific temperature can be afforded, and the product description should be observed.

2. The handle, dust cover, simply clean.

These two components are generally made of PP, which will not directly contact the milk, and there is no need to high temperature or ultraviolet disinfection.


3. When the bottle appears obviously, it should be replaced in time.


The wear will increase the migration of harmful substances in the bottle material.

Try to clean the milk bottle with a soft sponge to avoid wear.

4. After cleaning, dry in time to avoid breeding bacteria.

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Evaluation sample

Evaluation indicator

material analysis

Workmanship details

Grasp experience

Cleaning convenience

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Performance General Review

Consumer advice


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