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Speaking of a lot of “strange shoes”. Although they are pioneering and different, they are not easy to wear for the other part of them, and it is prone to sullen feet in summer.

Especially friends with athletes, the unstoppable shoes in summer are important.


(There is a flavor ~)

Of course, there are many shoes that are suitable for summer. It is said that major sports brands can easily find the one that suits them.

But when it comes to the most suitable shoes for summer, I think it is necessary to just like canvas shoes, or more accurate





鞋 vulcanized shoes: Shoes that refer to the sulfur method of the soles of the shoe, with sulfur heel soles of rubber in the sulfur tank by high temperature and high pressure, allowing the sulfur rubber soles to achieve the most natural state, with a light and high effect.



Sulfid shoes should be said to be the basic model in Sneaker


Compared with the limited -edition sneakers, it is not trendy enough;

Compared with leather shoes, it is not delicate enough;

Compared with pioneer fashion shoes, it is also very low -key.


You can meet the most basic shoe requirements that can meet the most basic people–


Whenever the sulfur -of -shoes are also captured by favors, their rough and casual appearance is extremely fitted with our free and free style in summer.

Moreover, do not just draw sulfur shoes with young people.

Even if he is a mature man, I think he is unwilling to accompany leather shoes all day in summer.

At this time, put on a pair of low -key but unruly sulfur shoes. As a summer commute shoe, compared to various explosive Sneaker, it can better show your vulgar character.


Sulfid shoes are actually the same as leather shoes, which is very particular about craftsmanship.

Japan’s Jimomi and Slovakia in Europe have a long tradition of sulfur shoes, and they also have representative brands, such as Moonstar, SpalWart, and so on.

Presumably, everyone is not unfamiliar with them. Every time they mention the “niche canvas shoes brand”, they must be listed.

But in fact, they are no longer a category of upset.

Although vulcanized shoes are mostly “almost different”, everyone is wearing.

However, in recent years, many emerging and unpopular brands have stirred the situation. Compared with “well -known brands”, they make vulcanized shoes more interesting, personality and attitude.

This time, Ye Zi has selected three young sulfur shoe brands established in recent years for everyone to know.

After reading it, you will find it,


It turns out that vulcanized shoes are not just canvas shoes

What’s more important is that there is a domestic brand that is also quite good. You guess who is?

Last resort ab


Last Resort AB is a skates brand, which is still very young, only one year old. It was established in 2020. Compared with Vans, it is naturally not enough.


But Last Resort AB special place is, it is

At present, there are rare brands created by professional skateboarders on the market

Last Resort AB was founded by a well -known Swedish skaters Pontus ALV. Before that, the skate has already had its own skateboard brand Polar Skate Co.. Establish your own cultural logo in the field of skateboarding.

If you say that you are not skateboarding, is it useless to you?

Don’t forget that if a pair of shoes can withstand the high -intensity empty flip on the street, it is also very difficult to “step on” in daily wear.


Because the founder himself is a sliding hand, the brand knows how to slide the real needs.

A pair of good skateboards does not require too many complex functions. Last Resort AB is very concise from configuration to design. It is a concept of “straight”, “lightweight” and “durable”.

Set up with high -edged sulfur rubber soles, and through adjustment of rubber, a balance between soft heel resistance is achieved, so that the shoes can be kept in one state at any time, and the best flexibility can be provided for the best flexibility for the best. It is the feeling of improving the “grabbing board” and “controlboarding” of the slide hands.

Of course, this is conducive to the effect of wearing with feet and lightness and comfort.

Different from other shoes, the lining of Last Resort AB is made of canvas, and the rubber material is also filled between the help surface and the lining, which is to further strengthen the degree of light and durable shoes.


In addition, Last Resort ab is not too special, from functional configuration to appearance design.

In terms of appearance, if there is no brand logo, there are not many different places from other brands of skate shoes. They are simple and clean shoe outlines.


However, Last Resort AB’s shoes are only “suede”, and after a certain amount of fresh treatment, while highlighting the straightforward street attitude, there is also a retro sense.

Therefore, friends who also want to wear texture in summer are also quite counterproductive like this suede sulfur shoe.

Since the brand has just been established, there are not many shoes at present, only






Two models.

But their shoes are the same, but the soles of the soles have changed.


There are also high and low gangs.

High-gangs are similar to Vans’s SK8-HI. But coupled with the thick bottom, compared with the brand’s own low help, the feeling of people is bloated and thick.


As a pair of newly -available skate shoes brands, Last Resort AB has a very pure street spirit. There are not too many places. Whether you wear a skateboard or cope with daily life, you can give people a down -to -earth experience.

In terms of price, the brand is also very street,

You can start with more than 600


Like Last Resort ab, S.W.C is also a “sports shoes” brand, but it does not come from the street, but represents the sports spirit of the working class.


The full name of S.W.C is Stepney Workers Club from London, England. It was established in 2018 and is also very young.


It can be seen from the name that the brand represents the class culture of blue -collar and workers. It draws inspiration from the sports shoes of the Workers’ Sports Club in the last century in the last century, combining the modern style aesthetics and wearing needs, and there is the emergence of S.W.C.


S.W.C’s “sports shoes” is not the purpose of professional competition, but combines the style of comfort and practicality to express the values ​​of “freedom of sports” and “freedom of thought”.

Sulfid sneakers are cultural carriers carrying brand value expression. It aims to recover the traditional tolerance workers’ class culture with sulfur shoe technology in the 1950s.

Although it represents the workers’ culture, S.W.C does not have a strong sense of tough work.

To a certain extent, the brand borrows the design style of tennis shoes, and has taken a simple neutralization route. The minimalist and clean shoe body will be retained at the same time as the exact exercise strength. Adjustment makes it contain a variety of uses including daily wear.

Although in appearance, there are not many places to other skate shoes and sulfur shoes, but if you observe it carefully, you will find that you will be more three -dimensional with the familiar Converse and Vans.

In order to meet the strength adaptation, the thick -soled design of the high encirclement is also adopted, while the brand simplifies the upper structure as much as possible to highlight the performance of the overall building sense.

So many times, S.W.C will also give people a sense of fineness. It has a big difference with other seemingly rough sulfur shoes, which can easily wear elegant style.


The style with the sole of the “raw glue” shoe, although it is also a clear three -dimensional silhouette, has more light retro flavor, which is a unique style in S.W.C.

S.W.C is unique in terms of observation that it has developed a variety of materials. In addition to the ordinary cotton canvas, the brand is commendable is suede and chori.

S.W.C with high -quality suede surface can also be easily compared with other suede sulfur shoes, more delicate and full texture, and improves the fineness of the shoes.

Second, there are


Tie -dye fluffy


In style, mottled upper has more forms of art aesthetics.

The most special is S.W.C

Core velvet material

The minimalist and smooth upper made from the core velvet has exerted a unique retro flavor of the pits. It is the charm that other sulfur shoes do not have. At the same time, with the clear and saturated hue, it is not easy to look old and make the retro style. Suddenly there was a sense of jumping.

S.W.C, which represents the spirit of the working class culture, did not express its aesthetic expression in the field of workflow, but formed a cross -culture and cross -style attractiveness.

Compared to ordinary sulfur -of -shoes brands, the price of S.W.C will be a bit higher.

Thousand yuan



During this time, everyone focused on domestic sports big names, but we did not find that we also have many extreme niche shoes brands.

Matnut is one of the representatives.

Through many stars’ upper footsteps, the brand already has a certain range of audiences and popularity.

Matnut was established in 2017, and the original intention was very simple, which was to make a pair of shoes that we could wear in the shoe cabinet.

Therefore, the brand adheres to the very strict control in terms of quality and details.


The most traditional vulcanization process is used to ensure the lightness and abrasion resistance of the soles. The high -intensity fiber wire is selected, and the sewing is hand -made by hand. This is the long -lasting quality of Matnut.

The simple and classic shoe type, and the pupae type is widened according to the feet of the Chinese people, and it is the eternity of the Matnut style.

Just like the brand name, Matnut’s persistence in principles has largely changed the public’s one -sided view of domestic shoes.


In addition to excessive vulcanization technology and fine handicrafts, it is equipped with


Ortholite water pine cork insoles


It also made Matnut perform well in comfort, and the breathability and sweat absorption were very outstanding.

As a new niche shoe brand, Matnut’s current shoes are still a little less. Of course, there are many joint series, but in contrast, the leaves recommend their classic styles.



It is a classic canvas shoes of Matnut. The sulfide soles on the edge of the high -enclosed and high -density canvas are guaranteed to ensure its abrasion -resistant and detailed texture. Among them intention.


Ye Zi personally likes a minimalist and colorful one. For relatively bright colors, the simple and clean neutral hue makes Artel also taste the taste of fashion shoes.


Suede blood

The texture of the fur with vegetable tanned leather is also the texture of the attention. With the fresh color of the jumping, the qi is refined, and the style after the feet has sufficient youthful vitality.

Not only is the emotions extra points, but the persistence and pursuit of quality and style is the place where matnut is really attractive.

The price of matnut is around 500, which can be seen that its cost performance is also very good

Well, the above is the three distinctive sulfur shoe brands introduced to you in this issue. I do n’t know who do you prefer compared to the well -known brand?