Estee Lauder three -in -one eyebrow pencil is the eyebrow pencil that focuses on makeup, a set of three, suitable for girls with tangles, new products in 2018. The following editors will take everyone to take a look at it

雅诗兰黛持妆多效三合一眉笔好用吗 防水防汗不脱妆

Is Estee Lauder Three -in -One Eye Pen easy to use?

What’s more?

Legend has it that 30S can draw the eyebrow pencil of the eyebrows. The eyebrow pencil is smooth and easy to color, and it is used to outline the eyebrow shape; the eyebrow powder is a sponge head, the powder is delicate, and the color is uniform; the eyebrow brush is very soft and naturally blooming. It was amazing when it was used for the first time. 30s may be exaggerated, but it ’s really one or two minutes.

It does not take off makeup lasting. The combination of eyebrow pencil+eyebrow powder+eyebrow brush is very convenient.

It is especially suitable for novices, and the design is also very characteristic. It is three -in -one with eyebrow pencils, eyebrow powder, and eyebrow brushes. It is super convenient to go out with you. You can thrust eyebrows or makeup anytime, anywhere.

The machete eyebrow pencil is smooth, and the eyebrow shape is good. It does not clock it. The color of the sponge eyebrow powder is very good. It is not easy to weight. The color of the hand is uniform.

Thrush technique

Many novice Xiaobai often draws the eyebrows into crayons, or the brows are not natural. The color block is uneven, deep and shallow, and very embarrassing.

1. The eyebrows are too thick and thick: try to fill with the eyebrow pipe with eyebrow pens, and make the eyebrows more natural with eyebrow brush.

2. The eyebrows are unnatural, and the brows are too thick: don’t draw your brows when you thrush, just bring it with a brush.

3. The eyebrow shape is not suitable for you: do more homework, one eyebrow is suitable for melon seed face, goose egg face, and the slightly eyebrows with eyebrow peaks are suitable for round faces and square faces.

The most common problems of these novice thrush can be easily solved with EL three -in -one eyebrow pencil.


1. First use the machete eyebrow pencil to outline the eyebrow shape. As for which kind of eyebrow shape to draw, I recommend drawing natural eyebrows in daily life, and to outline the lines of your eyebrows.

2. Fill the color with eyebrow powder. Pay attention to the light brow color. The end of the eyebrows can be increased appropriately. After all, there is no eyebrows at the end of the eyebrow.

3. Sworing and blooming with an eyebrow brush, the brows must be dazed naturally!


Estee Lauder This three -in -one eyebrow pencil includes a triangular knife -cut eyebrow pencil can easily draw lines. Sponge head eyebrow powder can fill the color and fill the color to make the eyebrow shape full. Finally, the eyebrow brush is dazzled to make the eyebrows naturally stylish. This eyebrow pencil seems not easy to fade, and I wipe it with a wet towel.

Is Estee Lauder Three -in -One Eye Pen easy to use?