To this day, the disinfection cabinet has been diverse in various categories and purposes. Everyone must know that the disinfection cabinet of the tableware, but I do n’t know if you have heard of the clothing disinfection cabinet? Friends who have requirements for the quality of life must be on the way to buy clothes to disinfect the cabinet. So, what about clothing disinfection cabinets? How much is the clothing disinfection cabinet? Let’s take a look below.

How about clothing disinfection cabinet

What is clothing disinfection cabinet:

The disinfection cabinet of clothing is actually a professional equipment that uses stainless steel and disinfection for daily use and dedicated clothing. It usually uses low -temperature disinfection or ultraviolet disinfection. It is usually used in hotels, hotels, military, schools and other places.

Scope of application of clothing disinfection cabinets:

1. Skin disease

There are many cases of mites in the clothing. This bacterial harm is relatively large, which mainly acts on the skin. If the infected person pleases, the skin is itchy. In severe cases, ulcers and disfigurement will occur. This bacteria generally uses ultraviolet anti -virus for about one hour, and mites and similar bacteria can be effectively killed. The second is to ensure that the room is sufficiently ventilated and light, and the clothes need to be cleaned in time. It is okay to put it out to dry it for a long time. Prevent moldy while can also sterilize.

2. Gynecological disease

衣物消毒柜怎么样 衣物消毒柜多少钱

The gynecological disease caused by clothing is also a good way to trouble female friends. Once infected, there is no way to cure it. It can only be treated as soon as possible to prevent secondary lesions and position metastasis. Underwear and other clothing after sterilization can prevent the growth of the germs well. It has a stable condition.

3. Respiratory disease

Respiratory diseases are common in children with poor systems and systems and immunity. It is susceptible to various bacteria infections. Especially in kindergarten, toys, tables and chairs, carpets, tableware, beds, clothes, etc. need to be used for children.

衣物消毒柜怎么样 衣物消毒柜多少钱

4. Common bacteria

Most bacteria can be killed and suppressed, but this also requires everyone’s maintenance of living space and the cultivation of cleaning habits. The room needs to ensure that the sun can be made directly, and other items are regularly cleaned and disinfected. Especially carpet and fabric furniture. The editor here does not recommend everyone to live in the basement or semi -basement.

Precautions for home use:

1. Kitchen, bathroom and storage room

The kitchen and bathroom and storage room in the home are usually places with the most bacteria. These places are usually either placed a lot of items or humidity. If the hygiene conditions do not meet the standards, they will make lives often catch cold and diarrhea, and some also show skin rashes and itching. Indoor ventilation is also a way to prevent bacteria.

2. bedroom and bedding

The bedroom is the most direct space to contact the human body. Therefore, cleaning and disinfection of clothing and bedding must be in place. Friends with sweat and body odor need to pay more attention, otherwise not only have bacteria breeding, but also a pungent smell. Suddenly I felt unable to breathe normally. Followed by the southern plum rain, it is best to use ultraviolet anti -virus or ultraviolet purifiers for treatment.

How much is clothing cabinet

Mingxin YTP280B 150L UV low -temperature clothing disinfection cabinet 489 yuan

Kangbao GPR380A-6Y (1) 150L ultraviolet rays+ozone clothing disinfection cabinet 1100 yuan

Sakura XA-703 61-80L low temperature high temperature dual disinfection 568 yuan

Scarf steward RQ-20YM 20L ultra-temperature steam 1298 yuan

San Tou YTP380-C2 150L above ozone 688 yuan

衣物消毒柜怎么样 衣物消毒柜多少钱

Fang Hong Ouyue 380AD1 150L above UV towel cabinet 658 yuan

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