Dare to wear short sleeves? Let’s take a look at this Dafei sleeve dress. Not only is foreign, but also thin

I remember watching Venus’s show once. She said who I don’t remember.


I was impressed by this sentence: “Look at the meat on the arm, shake it and tremble, and then raise it to become a butterfly flying!”


Although it is very poisonous, I subconsciously shake my arm, it really feels like this. Essence Essence

I do n’t say how to exercise these words, it ’s more way to find some ways to find.


For example, this one I want to share with you today is really being able to hide the softness. It is very comfortable to wear

Let’s take a look at style pictures

Share the XL number cutting picture with you

Because the upper body is a double -layer style, this cutting picture is divided into two parts. I am worried that the line is too messy and I can’t see clearly


The following is a tailoring picture on the upper body


The top of the upper body

Bulber and skirt cuts

For easy penetration, you can install invisible zipper on the side. Under 2.5cm to 16cm under the skirt waist section

Those who need other numbers can be 4cm according to the fence (bust, waist, hip circumference)

The gear difference between 2cm in length is pushed to push the board

The above -mentioned tailoring is made by combining the style diagram combined with the prototype of the women’s clothing. No other special treatment is performed.

If you do n’t understand, you can put it out, and I will explain in detail in the circle.


If you want to systematically learn more women’s clothing system and push board knowledge, you can click the circle card below to enter the circle from the most basic start to learn

Dress production process and sewing process commentary

Selection of fabrics: chiffon silk category is fine


The fabric should be shrunk before cutting, just wash and dry it.

After drawing the scissors based on the script of the tailoring picture above, add the cutting edges for tailoring


Such fabrics are easy to run when cutting. It is recommended that you lay an old newspaper under the fabric, so that cutting will be convenient.

Here are the sewing order

1 Switch the band at the neckline first. The width of the finished product is 0.6cm.


2 The shoulder seam of the suture, 0.3cm of the cuffs curls

The upper and rear back of Libu province, the chest is province, and the front and rear shoulders and sutures are sutured. To leave the position of the stealth zipper on the right


3 Fix the neckline band at the neckline, and the neckline is facing the positive suture. The edge of the trim is trimmed to 0.5cm and pressed the inner layer to help the mouth

The upper body cloth waist fold is fixed on the library

4 Sewing the waist joint, the waist section is two layers, one layer in the noodles, and the layer of the fabric requires sticky silk lining. A thickness of about 25d

Requires the cleansing of the waist section after sewing, suture the side for later use

5 Sewing the hem side of the seam and leave an invisible zipper on the right. Cross -roll edge 0.3cm


6 Sewing the waist skirt in the surface of the surface, suture with the upper body. Install invisible zipper on the side sewing.

Set the decoration on the waist section, you can complete

Okay, that’s it for today’s sharing

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