Fashion is changing rapidly, and the black and white classics will never be out of date.

Black is indispensable, it is a kind of

Low -key and luxurious hidden color


It is its hidden hidden formation and greatness, while white is a full -color light, a source of ten colors, a clean and clear sunshine color, and it can match any color without breach of color.


Black and white matching can be described as classic. It can be matched with a variety of color vortexes in just staggered, but the difficulty of using black as the mainstream is more difficult and more charming than black and white. It is not difficult, but the real master can be perfectly interpreted and interpreted.

Attention points for black clothing:


Black clothing has no sense of light as a whole, so if the matching is not colorful or the match is not tacit and perfect, it will look no shiny, not angry, too calm, and suitable for the elderly. For young people Some matching skills.

A variety of black items fusion:


If it is a black long skirt or noble dress, then it is much easier to match, that is, the simpler skirt or dress, the more luxurious and noble, graceful, and using multi -directional clothing design, multiple items The combination of combination will be higher.


Pay attention to color schemes:

Black clothing must pay attention to color matching, that is, other simple small accessories and classic items. The combination is more meaningful, and the black clothing charm is unlimited. It can add a lot of points for clothing, more attractive value, and weaken monotonous.

Zhou Xun’s simple out of the street:


Zhou Xun’s love for the first time after the exposure of the love affair, with a black down jacket, which is warm, and the wrinkled style looks more sloppy. Zhou Xun, who has always been known as “low -key film”, from the simple hundred yuan clothing to the luxurious 10,000 yuan suit. It can be described as “be able to flex and stretch”, and can easily control various styles. Now there is a relationship that it has revealed again after the divorce. Although there is no real hammer, it is waiting for the official announcement.

The 46 -year -old Zhou Xun is petite, bringing the southern woman’s show, but full of personality and exquisite acting skills.


The sound is also particularly distinctive, and I have a strong independence, and the clothes are also very unique. It is not cloudy, and it is fully presented in accordance with its own style.

Zhou Xun’s simple match knowledge points:

Short models are more beautiful and charming, but do not overwhelm.

In the matching of small girls, they choose more short and light -colored items to increase the beauty of matching, and at the same time add points to clothing, and the versatile fold down jackets are a bit too heavy, but this is the characteristics of Zhou Xun’s matching characteristics Pay attention to the package, followed by beauty.

Short clothing can add a lot of points for the matching, and the chic nine -point pants highlight the purple socks, which seems to be ugly, breaks the black limit, but the aesthetic view is not high, and the beauty presents is not obvious, so this is not obvious, so this is not obvious, so this is not obvious, so this is not obvious, so this is not obvious, so this is not obvious, so this is not obvious, so this is not obvious, so this is not obvious, so this is not obvious, so this is not obvious, so this is not obvious, so this is not obvious, so this is not obvious, so this is not obvious, so this is not obvious, so this is not obvious, so this is not obvious, so this is not obvious, so this is not obvious, so this is not obvious, so this is not obvious, so this is not obvious, so this is not obvious, so this is not obvious, so this is not obvious, so this is not obvious, so this is not obvious. The combination is not very successful.

Green scarf adds vitality to match

In the combination of black items, there can be small -area accessories to embellish and match. Through the chic style, the rich color is perfectly interpreted. Black as a basic color, as long as the area accounts for 70%, then other colors are okay Fully play their advantages and status, adding a lot of points to clothing matching.

The green scarf is not only age -reducing, but also full of charm, good warmth, echoing with purple socks, enhancing the temperament and beauty of matching, and green is a thin color. It sets off the skin color. The color.


Zhou Xun’s interpretation of black diverse wind:


Relief jacket, domineering fashion

In black items,

The handsome jacket is a versatile and fashionable style, and it is also a classic item that increases the atmosphere. In autumn and winter, it is not the effect of the dress, but how does the jacket look good?

1. Big

Dress over, more attractive

The short suit or jacket is not so handsome, and the temperament and effect of the coat without coats are also poor. Therefore, the long jacket is paired with a long T -shirt or sweater, and the loose upper circumference is passed through the loose upper circumference. With the three -dimensional and tall legs of the legs, there are a lot of points for matching.

2. Wide width and narrow, loose and firm contrast

Through the comparison style, the high -end style is perfectly interpreted, with charm and domineering temperament, and opening the buttons, more stylish, short hair can also

Such a refreshing, thin beauty, adding a lot of points for matching, with layered, loose contrast, and beauty, highlight the three -dimensional and tall legs of the legs.


Cute and sweet, the skirt is better

In addition to the neutral style and style, the versatile and fashionable sweet style can be controlled. Compared to many cute and sweet, mature women interpret sweet, fluffy skirts, cute lace, playful thinness through luxury and elegance. Sales, sweet wave dots, can be a combination of this matching element.

But the knee skirt is even higher

If a girl who is not tall, when mating with a short skirt, you must choose a skirt with knee, which can highlight the delicateness of the calf, but also thinner, but the knee is thinner, which is in line with the height concept of small children. It will also increase the sweetness. If a folds are modified, the effect will be better.


Personalized in the interior, uses black spiritual clothing, with loose tulle and polyester splicing, which has both casual taste, unique matching style, perfect interpretation of the highest feelings, and loose tulle pants pants Pull to the foot of the shoe to let the entire waist to the leg

There is a sense of balance, adding a lot of points for clothing.

Key points: This combination is to lengthen the distance of the legs by the shape, use high waist to enhance the beauty of matching, and use a unique material combination to increase the beauty of matching, adding a lot to clothing.

In fact, there are many ways and techniques for black clothing. Through reasonable and clever matching, it can also increase the beauty of matching. At the same time, it is more beautiful and charming to match the clothing.

Tip 1: The diverse items of black must have a level. Do not present the combination of barrel type or integrated type through the combination of material, the loose and firm combination of different items, reflect the sense of scaryness.

Tips 2: Appropriate single items or large -scale exposed style can weaken the monotonous black and increase the charm value.

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But the knee skirt is even higher