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For example, a few days ago, this palace · Ah … I recommend a recommendation of a shampoo on Aunt Zhang’s homepage. Then the comment area will make trouble. There are two sets of Bi Euro spring in the family’s house). Then the comment is more difficult … Some high -end people (屌) scholars (silk) (silk) in the comment area have said that Biotherm is all floating clouds … Then there will be various troubles later, afterwards In short, about an hour or two, my shopping cart is inexplicable. These things know what these things are now knowing what is chaotic grass … I will tell you that the two sets of Biobiquan owes the money. It should be deeply appreciated

Then I was naturally worried and unstoppable to call friends who are playing in Myanmar and other places, asking for a set of people from the airport duty -free shops … The two sets of Biobiquan who did not pay back money also came.


Then after a few days, I went to the duty -free shop Estee Lauder counter and did not go to the LB series. I can only do it next time

Yes, someone must ask why you do n’t directly place an order online.

Ben 屌 still decide









(Number) Good


Now there are too many samples online, and there are too many sources of foreign trade goods, original units, customs goods, purchasing goods, high imitation goods, etc. It is completely unclear. You can still see something to see if you buy a clothes. The return has been returned, at least a loss of freight, buying cosmetics is different. If you do n’t use your body to see a packaging, you ca n’t divide the authenticity at all. If you do n’t have any effects, you do n’t think it ’s decisive and you ca n’t return it. Even if you go to customer service Finding the boss will also tell you: dear, this thing depends on the personal skin and physique because of the person …

So · Dear … In view of the above facts, those who are similar to the purchase of cosmetics and skin care products are still to ensure that the purchasing channel is regular and reliable. The reliable channel is the counter and the official website of the counters and the official website. From the actual situation inside and outside the dynasty, the first choice on the next floor is the foreign counter and the foreign official website.

I have the price link of a Tian Cat, it’s better to be my own. You can pay attention to Xia Tian Cat This is 125ml, the Ben 屌 Come back, the 200ml is 200ml ~ And the goods free shop in the airport should be more secure. Supply


Things after use …

Since I wrote it here, I suddenly felt that it was better to write down the skin care products that I have used. I can add more bricks to Aunt Zhang, right? I definitely don’t have to cheat the gold coins. Intersection

I want to tell Xiaobian: Have you moved? You can give me more gold coins now …………..

It ’s a long time ago. This boy … For this teenager … This boy is a typical large oil field ~ The concept of a large oil field and oil field since he was a child was that after the class was done after class, the book was wet and wet. I don’t know what water is milk. I only go out every day to wash my face and go home, then wash my face and then wash it back. Ben less does not have acne at all … Later, I grew up, and I bought the first batch of truly skin care products in my life: Manxiu Rayton Men’s Royal Skin Care Pack

Now the old appearance is replaced with new packaging · · Student Wang and the like, you can still learn from


At that time, I felt that the facial cleanser of Manxiu Ton Ton was really easy to use. Peeling · · clean power is too strong?


The toner of his family was slightly exciting. At that time, I always thought that the oil control was the stimulation of this alcohol to shrink the pores. There are more or less alcohol -sophisticated. Don’t talk about it. It seems that the main oil control moisturizing series is all like this?


I think the lotion of his family can be superior. It is obvious that you can feel the moisturizing and moisturizing feeling.


Until now I have used several brands, I still recommend this milk about this milk · moisturizing, moisturizing, non -greasy, and not expensive. I recommend students Wang Wang to buy it alone

Of course, so many years have passed, although the teenager is still a teenager, his family still changed the new packaging. I found it. I don’t want it.


At that time, I walked three steps in strict accordance with the customer service suggestion-the face-to-faces and the water emulsion, so I did it every night … Almost half of the month, I found that the skin type changed the skin texture. It ’s not so oily for two or three hours ~ It’ s no longer the feeling of rubbing the oil on the head with two paper towels. The face is oily, and the brain is brightened all day long. I start to say that my skin is good every day. Skin

In this way, Manxiu Reun has accompanied the teenager for many years … Later, I also used various skin care products to intersperse among them.

Everyone noticed that these are cheap goods · Basically, it is the standard for student Wang … Of course there are two important reasons: 1. No money. 2. There was no website of Aunt Zhang at that time. Therefore, there is no place to increase skin care products nor the urge to grow grass. Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

Well · · Bo good one by one, pick the emulsion of Gaofu and L’Oreal, just talk about it.

The whole set of Gosh is returned by Double 11 · I used almost half a year. The biggest advantage is the smell that smells and the light taste. The second girl sitting on my motorcycle’s back seat, saying what it tastes on your body is really good

Winter when entering the Gaofu set · and later spring · The most dry season of the Yunnan -Guizhou Plateau · · It is still pretty hilarious. ·· I found out that the amount of oil is getting bigger every day. ·· Anyway, I almost used it. · I started looking for other brands.


Later, the former female ticket gave a bottle of Bottle. This L’Oreal’s 8 -weight effect was a bull -fork.

Later · ·

Later · · Later, I had this website in my favorite clip · · ··

Later, there was a set of this set in my house … I have a credit card for 6 issues, and you now understand why I still have the reason for the above Gaofu and L’Oreal lotion. 囧

Why do everyone repeatedly say that Aunt Zhang loves and hates


It is because in the process of chopping your hands and bankruptcy cards in various long grass … It really exchanged for the changes I want. · ·

The three -piece water -powered three -piece set of Ou Biquan brought me the second change of the skin


The facial cleanser can be slightly overwhelmed. This water -powered toner of Opiquan is the most comfortable. I have used the most comfortable. If you use it, the fragrance is slightly larger … Later, I also entered several other toner of the toner to use it. Water power toner 200ml is very durable. Introduction said that the skin is dry and applicable … I think it is good to use it, whether it is dry or oil. Useless

After using the water, of course, then the emulsion · Biobi Spring men’s hydrodynamic lotion 75ml I have used a whole bottle. In terms of experience, it is actually 4 words: not greasy or greasy · Anyway, I don’t understand. · The most direct consequence after using water -powered toner is: Ben 屌 is now only washed once a day! Intersection As mentioned earlier, my big oilfield skin has a lot of money from five or six times a day. I am very satisfied with three washing a day. Now I can wash my face once a day. It’s just because of my lazy problem. · It is indeed effectively controlled the skin output of the skin. Even during the period I was very satisfied, I could obviously feel greasy on my face every morning. I could n’t go out if I did n’t wash it … Because I was detoxifying at night. The oil is normal · · So have three washing a day ~~

Since I am engaged in this set of water power, I basically wake up really. I really don’t wash my face. · Because my face is not oily! I basically do n’t go to bed before 2 am. I started to get out of oil before going to bed. Today, I went to bed at 2:30 last night. There is no nest in front of the computer. Originally, I wanted to take a live beast to show the display. · · I tried a few photos that I could n’t take out the skin. It ’s also reversed.


The full picture of the face I used now ~ The water power was taken back in the Golden Eagle Men’s Store. After all, I was brought back by my friends from the Korean duty -free shop.

I should have come here at the end of the full text.


Okay · · Come on · · · · ·

Clinique Little Butterless Edition

Airport duty -free shop Return back · 200ml original price 310.00


Tianmat shop 125ml priced at 295.00

Mia 125ml is now 29.99 knives plus shipping transfer fee tariffs, and the costs are not determined. I just glanced at it and found that it was suddenly directly mailing. After adding it to the shopping cart · My `God · · …………………………… I can post it for free. I go back and come back


Which is the convenience of which is convenient for you and you are counted …

Eh · butter · butter, what do you feel on your face?

The teenager has been rubbing for almost a month. · Because now the skin has evolved for the second time to wash my face once a day, I can’t see how obvious it is to change. The water -powered emulsion compares, let’s feel it ·

Ou Biquan is a bit bigger. Little butter This is basically no taste. · Ou Biquan, the feeling of wiping is moist, after wipe it, I feel transparent

The name of the little butter is a bit oily, but not greasy. It may be the reason why it is easy to absorb. Ou Biquan is squeezed twice enough to finish this squeeze. It’s enough to wipe it out, look at the mirror, don’t oil at all, and the skin color looks very bright

Okay, I ’m just filled here. · · · This teenager is going home to dinner.


In the end, someone wants to ask · · Men’s face to wash with soap. · What do these women -like care products do? ·· · This teenager can only tell you too naive! The most direct effect is that you find two photos and send a circle of friends. One of people who do n’t know today will say that Nima ’s posts are sick. Your sister’s 10 years will not change. · You are sick! Intersection

So · · This teenager has always been 24 years old and you understand the cut

Make good emulsion and forever youthful face: Men’s skin care products must also start from childhood