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90%of the noise in daily life is from outdoors through doors and windows. A good sound insulation door and window can reduce the outdoor noise by 40 decibels. If you want to get rid of the noise outside the house, then then

Start with doors and windows

It is the most effective way!

However, many people have a lot of misunderstandings about doors and windows. After the installation, there are more or less problems, which leads to re -disassembling or even re -purchase.

In fact, no one wants to be a grievance,

What are the common misunderstandings for installing sound -separated doors and windows? How can I choose a high -cost -effective superpowered doors and windows?

Let’s analyze it together today ~


Misunderstanding 1: Select hollow glass if you sound insulation

The original intention of hollow glass is to use

Heating insulation

Well, the energy saving effect is very good.

It has a good sound insulation effect on high frequency noise


, But due to the “resonance” effect,

Not suitable for low -frequency noise

Essence Therefore, choosing a hollow glass for sound insulation doors and windows must be determined according to the surrounding environment and noise.

Misunderstanding 2: Only recognize the material and ignore the overall sound insulation effect

Many owners have some misunderstandings about sound insulation doors and windows, thinking that they only want


Good material, thick glass, expensive price

, It must have a good sound insulation effect,

Ignore the overall sealing of the doors and windows


Wait … happened to be the key to the doors and windows.

Misunderstanding 3: Do not disassemble the original window, only replace the mute glass

In order to save money, many owners only replace the glass, and the gap between the fan and the window frame cannot be processed.

The sealing performance has not improved

The sound insulation effect is still not obvious.


The sound insulation doors and windows are a well -designed sound insulation system, just like

Barrel principle

Although the sound insulation of sound insulation can play a role of 80%in the doors and windows, but if the remaining 20%window frame is not sealed, the mute effect will be greatly reduced!

Misunderstanding 4: Put another ordinary aluminum alloy window

Many people think that “a normal window can reduce 70 decibels to 60 decibels, so if you install the same ordinary windows, you can reduce it to 50 decibels.” Isolation of noise is not a simple “addition and subtraction relationship”. In fact, the second ordinary window is installed, which not only affects the aesthetics, but also may

Generate “resonance”



It is better to remove a system window with a good sound insulation effect, beautiful and generous and sound insulation.

Misunderstanding 5: Putting silent curtains


Many people think that installing a very thick mute curtain can resist the noise of the outside world without spending a lot of money to change the sound barrier. In fact, heavy sound insulation curtains can only absorb a part of noise,


Most noise still cannot be isolated


Most of the day will open the curtains


Yes, it can not play the role of sound insulation), and the heavy mute curtains are still

It is easy to absorb heat, difficult to clean, and easy to attach bacteria

Waiting for shortcomings.

Misunderstanding 6: The mute film on the glass

Silent is a systematic project. It is not carefree to sound sound insulation alone. The supporting doors and windows and windows and sealing processing are equally important, so it is just a layer of sound -proof film, just one is just one, it is just one.

Psychological comfort




So how to choose a window for high -efficiency sound insulation at home?

The sound insulation and heat insulation of the window mainly depends on

Window frame, glass and sealing


Window frame ▶▶▶

You need to change the window frame first

The sound insulation doors and windows are typical principles of wooden barrels,

Glass, window frames, sealing, each design is indispensable!

If the doors and windows do not change the window frame and directly change the sound insulation glass, because the window frame does not have a special design, the sound will still enter the room, and the effect of sound insulation doors and windows will not be achieved.

Bridge aluminum


Multi -cavity structure

The design can prevent noise and heat transmission.

Multi -seal design, strict seams

Increase the overall gas tightness of the window, multi -blocking the ladder -type noise reduction, and has a stronger sealing sound insulation effect.

Glass ▶X


Different environments with different glass


The core of the sound insulation window is the choice of glass!

Depending on the environment, noise is available

Low -frequency noise, mid -frequency noise, high -frequency noise

The division. First judge what the external noise source is, and make targeted choices.

① High -frequency noise:


The sound of horn, car whistle, audio, musical instrument, square dance, dog screams, school broadcasting, speaking sounds … as long as it is strong through penetration and can make our eardrum feel tingling, it is high frequency.

② Medium frequency:

The sound of train sounds, airplane sounds, car engines, buzzing ships, broken winds, people speaking, sound sounds, etc. noise.

The low -frequency noise penetration is extremely strong, and it decreases very slowly. The direct effect on the physiological is much stronger than the high -frequency noise, and it is most obvious to the health of people.

At present, the sound insulation glass on our market is mainly the following 4 types:

① General glass:

Use the air to absorb

Medium and high -frequency sound


The energy of vibration is reduced to reduce the sound of sound waves. The sound insulation effect of hollow glass is related to the thickness of the glass, the quantity and thickness of the intervals, the number and thickness of the interval layer.


The hollow sound insulation glass has a good sound insulation effect for high frequency noise

For example: Speaking, the sound of the school’s treble horn, etc., most of the broken bridges and windows on the market are hollow glass used.

② Playing glass:

The middle film is equivalent to a damping layer, which mainly uses

PVB rubber layer absorbs low -frequency sound waves


The characteristics of the glass to inhibit the vibration of the glass to achieve the effect of sound insulation. Performance is related to the actual thickness of the glass, the thickness of the clamp film, and the flexibility of the clamp film.

There is a thing worth noting here: in the cold winter, the clamping layer of the tape glass will

Due to the loss of elasticity of temperature


(Winter gum is frozen like a popsicle), which greatly reduces the noise reduction effect.

And a single tape glass insulation is not ideal, and it needs to be considered when choosing doors and windows.

Most of the single tape glass is used on the top of the sun room, rarely used on doors and windows.

③ Lands in hollow glass: both have the functions of the above two glass.

Various noise sound waves outdoors have been attenuated from the air layer and glue layer. Especially when the noise passes through the rubber layer, the mid -to -high frequency noise is absorbed, distorted, shocked, and attenuation, which can eliminate about 95%of noise.

Whether it is

High -frequency sound insulation

(Speaking, horn, car whistle …), or

Low -frequency sound insulation

(Train sound, airplane sound, engine sound …), the effect is very good.


④ vacuum glass:

Using the vacuum environment to lack the medium without passing the principle of sound waves for sound insulation,


Theoretically sound sound insulation. But vacuum glass is not completely vacuum

It will probably be taken about 65%of the air, and

The life span is short, it is easy to leak qi and gas

Essence The existence of a transparent support base will be added during the production process, which is equivalent to

Solid medium

It provides a shortcut for the transmission of sound waves,

The sound insulation ability is greatly reduced

This makes the expensive vacuum glass look very low.

In actual use and purchase, you need to consider

Cost -effective, insulation

And other factors.

The recommendation order of sound insulation glass is: hollow tape glass> hollow glass> ticing glass> vacuum glass.

There are many people near the square and others, mainly high -frequency noise


, Doors and windows are generally matched

Hollow tempered glass

It has a good sound insulation effect on the noise in daily life.

Near the roads, high bridges, railway stations, near airports, and low -frequency noise -based environments

, Or people who have high sound insulation, can choose

Plating tape hollow glass

In addition, according to



: The larger the thickness of the partition, the greater the loss of the sound. In other words, the larger the thickness of the glass, the stronger the sound insulation ability. usually

The thickness of the glass can be reduced by double the noise of 4.5 to 6 decibels.

If you want to improve the sound insulation of the doors and windows, it is okay

Increase the thickness of the hollow glass, fill the inert gas, and increase the thickness of the mid -to -mid -to -air layer

Wait … to improve the sound insulation effect of doors and windows.

Sealing sex ▶▶

How to ensure sealing doors and windows

The sealing of the window is actually the key to sound insulation. Even if the sound insulation effect of the door and window glass and the window frame is better, if the seal is not done well, the sound will come in from the gap!

So how to ensure its sealing when choosing a sound separation door?

You can look at the following aspects:


The main role of sealing tape is to ensure the overall sealing of the doors and windows. Its appearance can form a dense “wall” inside the cavity of the doors and windows. The use of sealing strips not only improves the sound insulation performance of doors and windows, but also plays an important role in the insulation of the doors and windows as a whole. Therefore, if the sound insulation properties of the doors and windows are good, you must choose high -quality


Sanyuan ethylem sealing tape+multi -seal design

Activation process- ——

The stitching of the doors and windows and window frames is not tight enough, and there is a gap easily. The sound source can enter the room through the gap. Therefore, when choosing the soundtrack, you should carefully check the corner gaps of the doors and windows.

A good corner injection corner process can fill the gaps of aluminum materials and corner code, solve the gaps and flat problems of corners, improve the overall sealing performance of the window, and allow the doors and windows to have a good sound insulation performance.

Open method–

Sliding window

Although it does not take up space for convenience, due to structural problems, the sliding window needs to leave a certain gap to push the slide smoothly, and the gap cannot be completely separated from sound insulation. Therefore

Open windows


Now the newly developed real estate, in order to achieve energy -saving construction, mostly open doors and windows. After experimental data testing, the flat window is indeed better than the sliding window.

Therefore, if you want to make a sound barrier, you must first choose a flat window.

In addition, some new windows can also be considered:

Open the windows and open windows and open windows on the outside

Not only is it good, but when it is inward and upper and up, it can open a gap of about ten centimeters. The indoor can not only ventilate naturally, but also make the wind not directly blow the human body. Windows can also be opened to ventilate. It has the function of safe and anti -theft, and can also reduce the risk of children’s accidental falls.



The high -floors cannot open the windows

For friends,

Double inside

(Boving the glass fan and gauze fan inward) is also a good choice ~

In addition to the quality of the doors and windows itself, the installation, services, and after -sales of doors and windows are very important. If the sound insulation requirements at home are high, please choose high -quality doors and windows brands and professionals to design and build ~