Recently, a “little black box” cracked the smart lock video appeared on many short video platforms, which caused many people to question the security problem of smart locks.

According to Beiqing-Beijing headline reporters, the video was filmed at the 2018 China (Yongkang) International Gate Industry Expo. This “small black box” is usually called the Tesla coil. Its high -frequency and high -intensity electromagnetic pulse restarts the smart door lock chip to achieve automatic unlocking. Smart door lock.

The reporter was informed that the Ministry of Public Security’s Inspection Center is currently leading the amendments to the anti -theft lock standards, and it is expected to improve in terms of physical security, network security and biological safety in locks.


The “Little Black Box” opened the Smart Gate Lock Market Supervision Bureau of the Smart Door Lock Market Supervision of the Smart Door Lock

Recently, a woman holding a piece of copper coil with a “small black box”, which opened the video of 8 smart locks of different brands in seconds.

The video shows that this “small black box” is a little smaller than the mobile phone, but it is twice as thick as the phone. There are two buttons on the black box, one is the power button at the bottom, and the other is a trigger switch. The woman puts the small black box in a smart lock, puts the copper coil of the black box close to the smart lock, and wanders in different positions in the lock. Sound, the smart lock of the fingerprint and password was opened.

The spread of this video once again drives some people’s panic about smart door locks: “There is no time -consuming and labor -intensive violent lock locks, not to mention complicated high -end technical cracking,” small black box “is like an access card, swiping across, door holes, and door holes. Big open. Is the smart door lock safe? “

Beiqing-Beijing Toutiao reporter conducted a variety of interviews with this video and found that this was a video filmed at the 9th China (Yongkang) International Gate Industry Expo on May 26, 2018.

The woman in the “kicking hall” in Yongkangmen Expo is the owner of a smart lock company in Hunan, saying that the small black box was made by them with a unlocking manufacturer.

After the “small black box” flowed into the market, the State Administration of Market Supervision commissioned the National General Electronic Component and Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center to monitor a risk monitoring of smart door lock products nationwide. This monitoring collects 38 brands and 40 models of smart door lock products from physical stores and online e -commerce platforms. The remaining 33 batches are from Jingdong Mall, Tmall Mall, Suning Tesco and other network platforms.

The results showed that 6 of the 40 samples were opened by the “small black box”, accounting for 15%. According to the results of this risk monitoring, the General Administration of Market Supervision issued a warning of the quality and safety consumption of smart door locks.

Beiqing-Beijing Toutiao reporter noticed that with the official consumption warning plus the second video, the small black box was sold out of stock, and dramatic became a merchant self-examination magic weapon. Experts said that it is not difficult to solve this problem in technology, but the cost will increase. Since then, the products of mainstream companies in the market have solved this problem, and a new selling point “anti -small black box opening” has been added.


“Little Black Box” can no longer open market mainstream smart door locks

Today, more than 3 years have passed, and the small black box opened the video of the smart lock in seconds, and appeared on various short video platforms. So, can a door lock be opened? On November 18, Beiqing-Beijing Toutiao reporter contacted the Laboratory of the Gate Lock World for on-site testing.

In this test, the technicians conducted an experiment on a total of 15 smart door locks. The selected smart door lock covers the mainstream brands sold in the market from 2018 to 2021. The price ranges from 199 yuan to 3999 yuan.

The technician told reporters that “small black box” is usually called Tesla coil. As long as the keys are pressed, it will produce an instant electromagnetic field. The technicians put an unsolved energy -saving bulb on the side of the “small black box”, and the bulb was instantly lit out. When unlocking, its high -frequency and high -intensity electromagnetic pulse can cause the smart lock circuit board to crash, and then the chip restarts, while some smart locks are automatically unlocked after the default restart.

The reason why the small black box can unlock the main aspects: the circuit design defects of the lock, the structural design defect, the software program design defect, and the selection of components with poor anti -interference capacity.

After the experiment started, the technicians first entered the password, fingerprint or facial recognition information, and adjusted the door lock to the lock state. In front of a smart door lock produced in 2018, the technicians used the “small black box” to disturb twice closely, and the door lock issued a “whine” alarm sound, and repeatedly prompted “illegally open the alarm”.

In a door lock that applies “vein” technology, the experiments have used the “small black box” to interfere with 5 to 7 times. The door lock has changed from the previous “Ding Ding” sound to “too much verification. The door lock is locked. “

For this experiment, Beiqing-Beijing Toutiao reporter spent 199 yuan on an e-commerce platform and purchased an unknown smart door lock. In the experiment, the technicians converted multiple times, and the door lock made a “beep” sound, but it was not successful. The technicians will conduct multiple interference experiments produced by a smart door lock in 2021. There is no reflection of the door lock.

Among the 15 smart door locks, some door locks will touch the alarm mechanism after multiple interference, and different prompt sounds are issued. Some door locks have no response, but they are not opened by “small black box”. The technicians said that after the appearance of the “small black box”, smart door lock manufacturers all carried out technical iterations. The stabilization module was added to the door lock, the circuit overload protection, and the system program restarted prevention, and then the Tesla coil was basically not basically did not basically do not use the Tesla coil. Any role.

Chen Qizheng, who graduated from the Department of Automation of Tsinghua University, has been deeply cultivated in the field of smart locks for many years and has been engaged in the research and development of multiple products. He told Beiqing-Beijing Toutiao reporter that smart door locks are a relatively high-threshold industry. In the early days of development, some companies in order to “make fast money”, ignoring product quality, and smart locks as a new category, which attracts attention. So The “Little Black Box Incident” spread very widely.

Chen Qiyi said that the security risks of smart door locks in the past two years have changed. “In the past few years, the door locks are still in a single -machine version. In the past two years, the network lock network has become mainstream, which has derived the functions such as remote unlocking. Therefore, network security at the application level has become a new issue.”


Smart lock national standards will be modified and will improve the performance of network and biological security

Established in 1986, the Ministry of Public Security Inspection Center is affiliated to the First Institute of the Ministry of Public Security. It is a comprehensive national laboratory that integrates inspection, testing, and calibration. In response to the “small black box” incident, Luan Yi, deputy director of the General Department of the Inspection Center of the Ministry of Public Security, told Beiqing-Beijing headline reporter that after the incident broke out, the industry competent authority, standardization committee and related management departments attached great importance to it. “As a technical supporting agency in the quality of product quality in the public safety field, we quickly organized research and test verification to test more than 150 types of locks, and found only a case of” small black box “.


Li Hongsheng, director of the Lock Authentication Project of the Ministry of Public Security, said that the small black box incident splashed a pot of cold water in the smart lock boom at the time, sounding the alarm of quality and safety. Judging from the perspective of development, finding problems and solving problems, the small black box incident exposed the hidden dangers of smart door lock products in a relatively extreme way, promoted the industry to respond rapidly, and enhanced the quality awareness of enterprises and consumers. But on the other hand, it did cause a certain degree of panic in the society, temporarily suppressed consumers’ willingness to procurement, and mistakenly injured a number of excellent lock companies.

Li Hongsheng said that in the GA374 “Electronic Anti -theft Lock” standard of the public safety industry, multiple test items such as static discharge resistance, electromagnetic field radiation resistance, anti -strong electric field technology opening, and anti -strong magnetic field technology opening technology. Can be found in regular testing and certification. “Electronic anti -theft locks have not been included in the national compulsory product certification directory. Some domestic head lock companies have applied for the CSP locks of the China Security Technology Defense Certification Center to show their attention to the brand and quality of the brand and quality, but it is not All locks will be tested or certified by third -party. We also advocate that consumers use product testing and certification as one of the ways to identify when buying products. “

Li Hongsheng told reporters that in the past two years, the improvement of electronic anti -theft locks in terms of safety performance is significant. In addition to the application of new electronic devices and materials, there are many improvements in mechanical structure design, personal data protection, network security, and biometric technology. For example, the emergence of electronic locks effectively avoids the risks brought by the clutch device; the application of security chips and algorithms has enhanced the encryption storage and transmission of privacy data; and many more.

Li Hongsheng told reporters that the “smart door lock” often said by the public is called “electronic anti -theft lock” in the professional field, because what is “intelligent” has not yet been accurately defined. The current effective standards are compulsory national standards GB 21556-2008 “Lock Safety General Technical Conditions” and the mandatory public safety industry standard GA 374-2019 “Electronic Anti-theft Lock”. “Among them, GB 21556-2008’s requirements for electronic anti-theft locks mainly adopt the 2001 version of the GA374 standard. Many contents can no longer adapt to the new development and new changes of locks. At present It is expected that it will be improved in terms of physical security, network security and biological safety. “


“The development of any technology has a process of gradual improvement.” Li Hongsheng believes that compared with mechanical anti -theft locks, electronic anti -theft locks are more secure and more comprehensive. At the same time, a concept of adapting to the level of safety precautions should be established. It cannot be neglected nor excessive protection.

Intern Liu Meng

Text/Beiqing-Beijing Headline reporter Zhu Jianyong

Source: Beijing Headline Client