Lead -related iron lithium, why does BYD be smashed in places where consumers can’t see?

Recently, BYD announced the information that the start -up battery configuration of plug -in hybrid models has been completely switched from lead -acid batteries to iron lithium batteries.

From the perspective of the industry, promoting the research and development of green low -carbon technology has become an industry trend; from the perspective of consumers’ personal interests, the performance of iron and lithium batteries is better than lead -acid batteries. This free upgrade is completely for consumers. Welfare.

In fact, since the era of fuel vehicles, lead -acid batteries are generally used as starting batteries, but the chemical characteristics of lead -acid batteries are destined to make their shortcomings very prominent. Strong automatic discharge characteristics can be connected. Electricity or replacement of batteries, it even needs to be called rescue, so that the user experience is extremely poor.

More importantly, the service life of most lead -acid batteries is only 2 to 3 years, and there are severe pollution and harm in the process of production and abandonment. In addition, the volume and weight of the lead -acid battery are relatively large. Energy consumption.

These contradictions with the current social protection demands and low -carbon requirements are becoming increasingly obvious. It can be seen that with the strengthening of social environmental protection concepts, consumers’ vehicle demand has been upgraded, and the start -stop batteries to remove lead acidization have become a trend.

one. Back behind lead -acid batteries

Public data shows that at present, 90%of the previous production start -stop batteries in the industry are lead -acid technology routes, but there are many technical defects in lead -acid batteries.

In terms of technical principles, lead -acid batteries are mainly composed of positive poles, negative plates, partitions, containers, and electrolytes. The structure is as shown in the figure below:

The positive and negative versions of the lead -acid battery are made of pure lead.

The effective substance of the positive (anode) is brown lead dioxide. This layer of lead dioxide is composed of combined lead -oxidized lead particles, which can increase the reaction area, thereby reducing the internal resistance of the battery。。。。

The effective substance of the negative electrode (cathode) is a dark gray sponge -like pure lead。

In the same battery, there are many such positive and negative poles, alternate links, combine into a basic positive and negative pole group, and then insert a partition for short -circuit in each positive and negative pole. The electrolytes made of sulfuric acid, a lead -acid savings battery of a minimum unit is completed.

In the car, the momentum of starting the motor is huge, which causes the energy storage of the starting battery to be large enough to ensure that the vehicle can start normally. Therefore, the car lead acid starts the battery. A large battery group can meet the vehicle needs.

Public information shows that most of the lead acid starts the battery of more than 5 kg, bloated and very bulky.

From the perspective of the electrochemical reaction equation (2PBO2+3H2SO4+PB → 3PBSO4+2H2O+O2 ↑+H2 ↑), the working principle of the lead -acid battery is PB (lead) and H2SO4 (sulfate) under electrical action. reaction.

In a regular state, lead -acid batteries can occur in this reversible electrochemical reaction, so that the battery can achieve the function of storing electrical energy and release electrical energy.

The disadvantage is that the lead -acid battery should be charged in time after discharge. If it is semi -power or less charging or even charging for a long time, the inner PBSO4 crystals will be formed.

This large crystal is difficult to dissolve, which will eventually lead to polar sulfurization and battery failure.

In fact, many car owners also found in the car that the lead -acid batteries seem to be more arrogant, especially after the vehicle is parked for a period of time, the battery is out of power, and after recharge , Even need to be called rescue and other trailers to waste time and waste money.

In addition, the requirements of the lead -acid battery on the temperature are also very strict. The best working state is 25 °, and the self -heating reaction will occur during overcharge. The phenomenon is that the northern users will encounter difficulty start or even be unable to start in winter.

In the case of regular mild and moderate charging and discharge, public data shows that the use cycle of lead -acid batteries needs to be replaced in 2 to 3 years. Taking the Suzuki model opened by sheep 咩 as an example, the cost of each replacement is about 300 yuan, and the 10-year battery maintenance cost is about 1000-1500 yuan.

Of course, in addition to the difficulty of managing and loss of economic losses to users, the biggest disadvantage of lead -acid batteries is that there are serious environmental pollution during production and abandonment.

Lead is heavy metal, and mercury and cadmium will cause huge damage to the human body. This causes lead not only to enter the human body directly through air and water during the recovery process, but also through human -contaminated animals and plants. , It will also lead to chronic poisoning symptoms such as psychological disorders, insomnia, headache, and headache.

To this end, on January 22, 2019, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, the National Development and Reform Commission, and 9 ministries and commissions jointly issued the “Plan for the Prevention and Control Action of Waste Battery Pollution pollution” to accelerate the pollution prevention and control of lead batteries, enhance safety recovery, and gradually replace the replacement Wait.

2. BYD takes the lead

BYD took the lead in turning on the lithium lithium lead -acid battery project on the hybrid models.

In fact, iron lithium batteries are new high -energy batteries developed in the 20th century. Because they have the advantages of higher energy, high battery voltage, wide working temperature, long storage life, etc., they have been widely used in military and civilian small electrical appliances. On energy models.

BYD uses a pure tram model and hybrid models for BYD’s lithium iron phosphate (LIFEPO4) battery independently developed by BYD. Its positive electrode is generally lithium iron phosphate, the negative electrode is graphite. +Lixc6.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand the reaction equation, but you can find that the positive and negative electrode materials of the lithium lithium battery are the substances of a large number of divisions in nature. Such as iron, lithium, and graphite. Iron and lithium batteries do not contain any heavy metals and rare metals. Therefore, the battery has non -toxic characteristics and has no pollution in production and use. It complies with European ROHS regulations and is a real green environmentally friendly battery.

In addition, due to the unique electrochemical characteristics of lithium iron phosphate, it has no memory effect and will not cause damage to the battery due to feedback. Even if it is parked for a long time, it can continue to be used The problem of calling a trailer.

The biggest advantage of iron lithium batteries is the high life expectancy. BYD said that the replacing the iron lithium starts the battery can cover the vehicle usage cycle, and there is no need to replace the battery separately during the period.

In terms of system applications, BYD also stated that in order to improve the user experience, iron batteries will avoid the non -electricity condition of lead -acid batteries. The system can automatically detect small batteries. There is obviously electricity in the car, but the car is not asleep in power.

In terms of volume and weight, iron lithium batteries have higher energy density. Starting batteries with the same capacity, the lithium lithium is lighter and smaller, which is conducive to the layout of the vehicle. Public data shows that the same capacity iron battery of the same capacity is one -fifth of the volume of less lead -acid batteries and weighs only 2 kg.

It can be seen in the whole, the lithium lithium battery replaces the lead -acid battery Belly without harm. As far as consumers are concerned, BYD takes the lead in completing the entire system to upgrade the lithium lithium battery, which is tantamount to sending a battery maintenance fee to users directly to the user, which is worrying and money.

As far as we live on the earth environment, iron battery manufacturing materials come from metal materials widespread in nature, pollution -free, recycled, green and safe, and are truly sustainable green energy sources.

three. Mission, lead the industry

“From a technical point of view, Iron Lithium batteries are no longer the industry secrets. Why do most cars so far still use lead -acid starting batteries, and BYD take the lead in working in such a place where consumers cannot see?” Some readers have readers? Asked in doubt.

In fact, the answer is a “expense”. Public information shows that the cost of iron batteries of the same capacity is about 4 times that of lead -acid batteries.

From the perspective of the Suzuki model, which is used by sheep, the price of lithium iron phosphate for the Ningde Times sold in the Ningde Times sold in a certain east is as high as 1,200 yuan. In contrast, the lead -acid battery is only about 300 yuan, and the cost has increased by 400%. This is undoubtedly a huge expenditure for over hundreds of thousands of vehicle manufacturers.

Automotive manufacturers attach great importance to profit income. Before external intervention, few car companies are willing to actively invest in huge costs and use higher -priced iron lithium instead of lead -acid batteries, except for BYD.

BYD can take the lead in postponing the transformation of iron lithium to change the change, which is inseparable from the two major advantages.

The first is technology+manufacturing cost advantage.

BYD has the world’s leading lithium iron phosphate battery manufacturing technology. Its lithium iron phosphate cells developed by its development have become the leading products in the automotive industry. Almost all car brands you can think of are discussing cooperation based on the “blade battery ‘technology Program. “After the blade press conference, He Long, vice president of BYD Group and Chairman of Fudi Battery Co., Ltd., told the media.

The scale manufacturing of lithium iron phosphate batteries allows BYD to lead the leading competitors in terms of cost control. Only BYD can use its huge industrial layout to achieve a large quantities of lithium iron phosphate production production and seek benefits for consumers.

The second is the corporate mission. There is a way that people are alive to make money and leave their names. Only a few leaders have a sense of mission given by the times and become the leaders of the times.

BYD is the latter. Wang Chuanfu is the latter. He determined the new energy industry track as early as ten years ago and formulated the development of the automotive industry to the development of green and sustainable energy. It is driven by technological innovation. “Earth cools 1 ° C.” Corporate mission.

Note: Wang Chuanfu outlines solar, energy storage power stations, and green dreams of electric vehicles

And it is the in -depth thinking of the sustainable development of energy and environmental protection of environmental ecology. Today, 10 years later, carbon -dung peaks, carbon neutralization, green, and sustainable development have become the direction of global industrial upgrading and energy upgrade.

Driven by this mission, BYD has continuously invested in the research and development of new energy industry in the past 10 years, continued to break the first breakthrough in technical difficulties, took the lead in self -developed self -producing cores, the first to develop a three -in -one driver, the first self -developed Bayi and one driver, and the first -time driver of Bayi and one driver. Take the lead in developing IGBT semiconductors, the first to develop BMS …

Until today, everyone sees the scene: with technology to achieve a green dream, BYD takes the lead in turning on the entire vehicle battery lead.

In the future, BYD will continue to build stunning new energy products for consumers based on strong technology accumulation and great corporate mission, and promote the development of the automotive industry to green health and sustainable energy.

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