Carpet laying method and precautions? 20 living room carpet decoration renderings

The carpet has become a home decoration. Imagine the daily with his husband, boyfriend or wife and girlfriend, lying in the living room sofa watching TV, stepping on the carpet on the soles of your feet, and lying where you want to lie. Some netizens have said that there are no male tickets or husbands, then you and your meow star and Wang Xingren, but OK? Haha, then what are the carpet laying methods and precautions? Let’s take a look.

In recent years, the carpets have become more and more popular. Many people choose to spread a rug in the floor and bedroom ground, and in order to pursue the quiet feeling of the entire space, they will generally choose to be full, and the entire room will spread on the carpet. The full pavement of the carpet is different from theable block -shaped carpet. There are many places to pay attention to. Just learn the correct layout method of the carpet with Shenyang decoration owners.

The following editors first share a few living room carpet renderings ~

This is the simplest, simple style design, very fashionable.

Light luxury, water lake blue is very high -profile color.

Let’s take a look at this, what style, mix and match, or Chinese style?

No matter how small the living room is, it will be exquisite.

Xiaobian I like this style very much, free and unrestrained.

Chinese -style Shen atmosphere.

Is this your favorite tone? There is a sense of retro.

Bohemian style, most people can’t hold it ~

Haha, is this Givenchy, I do n’t know how to get, I always feel like a light luxury style.

Modern mix and match style.

wow, so beautiful, feel like landscape painting.

This is also good, so much, Xiaobian has begun to be dazzling!

Sure enough, it is still the most furry for the winter of Shenyang.

This perspective is that the child has not grown up yet ~

The favorite of veteran cadres, cold wind.

This seems to be pretty good ~

The carpet and the TV background wall contrast each other, praising our decorative owner!

Live a simple little day, I like it very much.

Haha, is the sofa a bit short?

Okay, the last one, is it optimistic about which one do you like?

How to laid the carpet? Let ’s introduce the carpet laying method and precautions. You can refer to it!

1. Treatment of the ground

The carpets are generally paved on wooden floors or cement floors. In order to ensure the quality of the carpet laying, the ground should be treated cleanly and flat in advance. There must be a hemp or bump on the ground to polish and smooth it with sandpaper, and then fill the flat with putty. Finally, rinse the ground with water.

2. Payment method

There are two ways to laid the carpet: non -fixed and fixed type.

Unfalted type: The non -fixed carpet is to cut the carpet to cut into the required shape. The whole piece is paved on the ground. This paving method is suitable for the place where you need to roll up the carpet often or not move the heavy objects.

Fixed type: The fixed method is to cut the carpet and stitch into a whole piece, and then fix it around the carpet. There are two types of fixed methods: one is to put the carpet on the ground with adhesive or double -sided glue; the other is to install wooden strips with nails on the surroundings on the ground floor, and then carry the carpet to the carpet Fixed on the wooden bar.

3. Two ways to sewn the carpet

Method 1: Use a needle wire to connect the side of the two carpets.

Method 2: Place the rubber paper on the joints of the carpet. One person takes an iron to the paper on the paper, and the other will immediately press the carpet on the solitary rubber paper.

4. Operation order

(1) Cut the carpet in the size of the room. First measure the size of the room with a box, and then stitch the carpet according to this size. It should be noted that the length of each carpet is 5cm more than the length of the room. The width should remove the size of the thread buckle that needs to be cut on the edge of the carpet. When cutting the blanket, the wool direction of the interface carpet should be consistent to avoid yin and yang surface.

(2) Stitching carpet. After cutting the carpet, use one of the above two methods to stitch the carpet. When stitching, pay attention to fixing one end of the carpet, and then pull the carpet with a tightner and stitch it. In the process of laid the carpet, pay attention to the wool direction of the carpet. Because family members will leave back hair marks on the carpet when walking, if they are illuminated by backlight, they will show a messy mark.

(3) Fix and clean up. The carpet at the corner should be trimmed into the size of the corner with the wall knife, and then the carpet is used to fix the carpet into the wooden stuck nails, and finally seal it with a press, so that the carpet is paved. After finishing, remember to clean the dust on the carpet with a vacuum cleaner.

Shenyang decorative owners introduced the method and precautions of carpet laying. I hope it will be helpful to everyone. If you want to know more about decoration, remember to pay attention to our installation.

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