How much do you know about the cleaning technology of the PCB factory PCB copy plate?

As we all know, the circuit board cleaning technology is for

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For PCB copy, it has a very important position. Because the cleaning of the circuit board itself is needed to accurately scan and generate the file diagram, the cleaning technology of the circuit board has also become an important “technical activity”. There are four ways to get out of the new generation of cleaning technology.

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1. PCB copying water cleaning technology

The water cleaning technology is the development direction of cleaning technology in the future. Pure water sources and water discharge treatment workshops must be set up. It uses water as a cleaning medium, and adds water -based cleaning agents to the water as a cleaning agent, auxiliary agent, corrosion agent, chelating agent, etc. to the water. Water solvents and non -polar pollutants can be removed. Its cleaning process is characterized by:

(1) Good safety, not burning, no explosion, basically non -toxic;

(2) The formula of the cleaning agent has a large degree of freedom, and it is easy to clean off the polarity and non -polar pollutants, and the scope of cleaning is wide;

(3) Multiple cleaning mechanism. Water is a polar solvent with strong polarity. In addition to the solubility, it also has the common effects of saponification, emulsification, replacement, dispersion, etc. It is much more effective in using ultrasound than in organic solvents;

(4) As a natural solvent, its price is relatively low and its source is wide.

The disadvantage of water cleaning is:

(1) In areas where water resources are scarce, the cleaning method needs to consume a lot of water resources, which is limited by local natural conditions;

(2) Some components cannot be washed with water, and metal parts are easy to rust;

(3) The surface tension is large, and the small gaps are difficult to clean the gap. It is difficult to remove the residual surface active agent;

(4) Dry difficulty and greater energy consumption;

(5) The cost of equipment is high, and wastewater treatment devices are required. The equipment covers a large area.

2. PCB copied half water cleaning technology

Semi -water cleaning mainly uses organic solvents and ionic water, plus a cleaning agent composed of a certain amount of active agents and additives. This type of cleaning is between solvents and water cleaning. These cleaning agents are organic solvents, which are flammable solvents. They are relatively high in flash points and low toxicity. They are safe to use, but they must be rinsing with water and then dry. Some cleaning agents are added with 5%to 20%of water and a small amount of surfactants, which not only reduces flammable, but also makes rinsing easier. The characteristics of semi -water cleaning process are:

(1) The cleaning ability is relatively strong, and the polar pollutants and non -polar pollutants can be removed at the same time.

(2) Two different types of mediums of cleaning and rinsing are used. Rinse generally use pure water;

(3) Dry after rinse.

The deficiency of this technology is that waste liquid and wastewater treatment is a problem that is more complicated to solve.

3. PCB copy -free cleaning technology

During the welding process, the cleaning of welded or cleaning the welded balm is used. After welding, it is not cleaned directly into the lower lane process. The exemption technology is the most used alternative technology. Especially mobile communication products are basically free from free to use exemption. Methods to replace ODS. At present, many kinds of free -welded welds have been developed at home and abroad. Rough cleaning welds can be roughly divided into three categories:

(1) Jolly welded: Reuse welding uses inert pine welding (RMA), which can be exempted.

(2) Water -soluble welding: Washed with water after welding.

(3) Low -solid -state content: free cleaning.

Washing technology has the advantages of simplifying the process, saving manufacturing costs and little pollution. In the past ten years, the universal use of cleaning welding technology, cleaning welded and cleaning welded paste is a major feature of the electronics industry at the end of 20th. The ultimate way to replace CFCS is to achieve free cleaning.

4. PCB copied solvent cleaning technology

Solvent cleaning mainly uses the solubility of the solvent to remove pollutants. The use of solvent was cleaned. Because of its rapid volatile and strong dissolution, the equipment requirements are simple. According to the selected cleaning agent, it can be divided into combustible cleaning agents and unparalleled cleaning agents. The former mainly includes organic hydrocarbons and alcohol (such as organic hydrocarbons, alcohol, diol ester, etc.). Activation of hydrocarbons and fluoride (such as HCFC and HFC).

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PCB factory

The above is the introduction and description of Herb Medical Ultrasonic Solvent Extraction Equipment Extraction Machinery, I hope it can be helpful to you.