Fashion girls’ autumn wearing, knitted long -sleeved shirts with hole jeans, simple slimming and beautiful

For girls who love beauty, there is a period of time in autumn, so naturally there must be the beauty of autumn in dressing. In the autumn model, the high -mirror rate is a knitwear. The knitwear fabric is light and breathable, comfortable and textured. It can easily cope with the changes in the temperature of the autumn, making you look good and fashionable. Knitting sweater has developed to today, and it also shows a variety of styles. For example, short models, long models, buttons, and zipper types.

Choose a sweater that suits you, you can easily wear the elegance of autumn. Knitting sweater is also relatively large in color. It has a refreshing light blue. This color is fresh and clean. Of course, there are pinks that reduce age, and clean and generous white and steady black black. They are all good colors, and different colors are different in matching styles. So in autumn, how to choose the most beautiful self -selected color.

You can see the autumn dress of this fashion lady. The upper body is a black long -sleeved sweater with a short and slim -fitting version. With tight -fitting jeans, wearing a simple and unique beauty. This kind of beauty is calm and casual. Long -sleeved sweater, especially black styles, make girls wear elegant and thin visual effects. This long -sleeved sweater uses zipper design, POLO leads, wears fashionable and temperament, plus a slim -cut short version, which is very thin and showing.

The lower body is a blue ripped jeans. The porn jeans are a very fashionable and individual pants, because irregular holes are always favored by young people. Jeans still adopt a tight design, wearing simple and slim -fitting beauty. With the matching of tight jeans, all styles will become simple and casual and generous.

In the matching of shoes, Ms. Sister chose a pair of crystal high heels. This matching style is cool and comfortable. She wears a tall figure and beautiful beauty. Many girls like crystal high heels, because it can better modify the aesthetics of footsteps and stretch the lines of the calf, so as to have a tall body proportion. After all, the matching of each clothing is to improve the beauty and create a beautiful and stylish shape.

Girls who love beauty can also try to wear jeans with jeans in early autumn, wearing simple and warm beauty.

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