Many classic fabrics are worthy of our choice, like grille, animal pattern or geometric patterns, etc., it is very suitable for us, but

The most slim, it has to be vertical stripes

Compared to other patterns, it is both classic and able to eliminate our body curve, but why do you know why do you know?


There are many different directions in stripes. There are many people to choose horizontal stripes when we choose costumes. In fact, vertical stripes are the most classic and thinner pattern.

Select clothing for vertical stripe fabrics

It can make us wear a lot of fashion, see these stars, you know why the vertical stripe is so popular.

First, why is the vertical stripe

Vertical stripes compared to its horizontal stripes, there is a significant elongation effect on visual effects, so the vertical stripes are definitely more thinner than horizontal stripes when using stripe elements.

Especially the wide horizontal stripe is very fat, whether it is used in the bottom or jacket,

Selecting vertical stripes is undoubtedly the most appropriate choice

Let our figure look more delicate, which is the charm of different visual effects.


If you want a large area to use the stripe elements, the vertical stripe will be most people who choose to choose, through the use of vertical stripes, can effectively make the overall appearance,

Thereby weakening the feeling of transverse development of the whole person


Whether wide stripes or narrow stripes, the verticality will be more suitable for the design, when the human body is active, the wrinkles generated will even look more delicate.


Second, the recommendation of vertical stripes

Vertical striped shirt

Wu Hao likes one of the most classic styles. For shirts, the least a style is vertical stripes, both from fabric or version, the vertical stripes have no doubt a lot of shirts.


In the garment,

Vertical stripes have more neutralized charm

It will not look too much woman temperament, so it will be more appropriate for those who like neutrical or ungeneighed.

Vertical stripes are relatively simple in the application and matching of clothing, you can choose superfarable trousers to match, relative to the most suitable trousers, such as straight pants, straps or fuel trousers, are more appropriate.


Can easily


Shape the style of leisure


At the same time, it will not be boring because it is too common, it is easier to create a personal style that is self-contained, making the vertical striped shirt easier.

2. Vertical stripe small suit

Zhao Wei’s vertical tattoo suit is more charm of a small woman, so it is very important to say in style. The vertical stripes can make the overall look at the air field all over,

Increase the feeling of stereo

Let the wearing a plane becomes more three-dimensional effect, enhance the overall wearing temperament. Through simple vertical stripes, it makes it more fashionable and charm.


The mix of vertical stripes is also very simple. If you are a newcomer, you can choose to match a simple small trousers or a more formalized dress.

It is a good choice for matching small way.


In the color, the choice is also a hundred, you can choose the dark-column to match the feature of winter, not only will not look down, superimpose the vertical striped pattern design, let the whole match classic and fashion.

3. Vertical stripe coat

To say the most air field, it is inevitably a coat. So we can also use the vertical striped pattern. However, we will not choose a classic white plus blue fresh style.

The earth-colored vertical stripes that are more atmospheric and minimalist styles are more suitable for priests, and Yao Chen’s wearing a female star that is very characteristic, so Yao Chen’s vertical stripe coat

Very suitable for prime women

In terms of matching with vertical stripes, it will be more simply. Autumn and winter seasons can match loose straight pants, or compare

Paper bag pants with features

It is very suitable to match the coat of the powerful gas field, and the vertical stripes can be slim in the visual effect, so for many pear shaped body or a slight woman, it can quickly create a slimming sensation, and increase the overall elegance. temperament.

4. Vertical striped pants

After the installation, the bottoming articles of the vertical stripes are also very suitable for matching the newcomers to use their own wear. Vertical striped pants can modify the leg type well.

Everyone must know that the big pavement is definitely no stitching, so we can also imagine the vertical stripes.

Different colors of cloth to splice

, Is this clearer why the vertical stripe is slim?

Vertical striped pants can choose long design, can draw maximum extent to which our leg lines are visually, although it is a bit inconvenient, but we can choose

Solden thick bottom high heel

To increase our overall height.

This can better elongate the overall visual effects, and create a feeling of long legs. The vertical striped shorts is also very simple, and the daily installation will not be wrong.

5. Vertical striped straight tube

Vertical stripe straight pants is very good for the formation of the body, although the river is already very fragrant, but the effect of vertical stripes is still very obvious about the effect of the leg-shaped shape.

Even if you use dark lines to make bottom, we can also feel the charm and slimming effects of vertical stripes. When we actually match, you can choose


Not so obvious

To make a selection of fabrics.


The shaded vertical trousers can easily achieve the effect of the long leg shape, but we are best to show a little ankle, and the pants are different.


Solden ankle

It can make people feel the overall skeletal sense, better highlighting the body frame, let our wear to achieve a true skin.

6. Vertical stripes wide leg pants


The big cousin is wearing the vertical stripes wide legs, will you still doubt its fashion? The vertical striped wide leg pants can truly reach the skin’s skinny purpose, so whether it is a kind of casual clothing or choosing a handsome jacket, it is very suitable in autumn and winter. If you want more slender effects, you can choose a brunette striped trousers to match.

The use of large area does not have a sense of violation


Vertical stripes is the king of this winter, choose the pattern style, can really achieve the slimming effect, whether it is from the version or from the fabric, help your dress becomes more fashionable, be a real exquisite woman,

Start from the vertical stripe