The homework helps AI to learn the table, which arouses children’s interest in learning and intelligent help

Speaking of learning tables for 80 and 90 parents, it may be a little strange. After all, when did you have a learning table at that time? At that time, most of the students were lying on the dining table. Because the dining table is not tailor -made. There will be more or less back pain, and even myopia is easy to occur. The learning table can solve the above problems well. The learning table adopts ergonomic design. During the use of students, students can correct students ‘bad postures and protect students’ vision. Most of the learning tables on the market are limited to this, and the AI ​​learning table brought by academic gangs is more intelligent than the learning table on the market. Below, follow the footsteps of the author to take a look at the AI ​​learning table of the learning gang. What are the highlights.

For most children, it is difficult to develop a good sitting posture. In order to be comfortable, many children’s sitting posture can be described as strange. Comfortable sitting posture to learn. How can we correct these bad sitting positions? The operation of the operation of the AI ​​learning table is very good to solve this problem. This chair has an intelligent sitting position detection function, which can detect children’s abnormal posture at all times and correct the child’s bad sitting position. In addition, learning to help this chair also has a gravity sensing function, which can follow the child’s dynamic to protect the child’s spine. Let children no longer have a humpback.

After a long time learning, children’s eyes will be more or less discomfort, and stop learning will affect the efficiency of learning. The operation helped the AI ​​learning table with a 600mm rectangular light head. No matter what kind of environment of the child is, the desktop can be illuminated. In order to meet the needs of children’s use, the homework helps this learning table also has five types of eye protection mode, which can effectively protect the child’s eyes. Even if you learn it for a long time, you will not feel tired. It is worth mentioning that the color temperature can be adjusted by itself, which can be adjusted to the most comfortable environment for learning.

Why should the learning table choose the learning gang? The main reason is intelligence. Generally, the general learning table is just correction of the child’s sitting position, and the learning table for helping this AI learning table is built -in intelligent learning intelligent system. With this learning table, it is like having a tutor. You can interpret it where your fingers are not clicked. Whether it is English, Chinese, or picture books. In addition, this learning table is also very smart, and you only need to call “Little Gang” to get a response. Make children more interested in learning. As the saying goes, interest is the best teacher.

It is worth mentioning that few children will plan a systematic planning on their own learning. If there is no system planning, the efficiency of learning will be reduced, and learning to help the AI ​​learning table can help children plan time and remind children to learn from learning. Course, so that children can develop a good learning habit.

I believe that seeing this, you have a certain understanding of the work to help the AI ​​intelligent learning table. In this period of use, the child is very satisfied with the performance of this intelligent learning table in all aspects. The learning table is very intelligent, and it can also correct the children’s sitting position and some bad habits. If you also plan to buy a learning table for your child, then learning to help the AI ​​learning table will be a good choice.

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