What are the characteristics of outdoor tents

We will use outdoor tents for camping. What are the characteristics of outdoor tents?Today I will answer it by PCHOUSE one by one.

Outdoor tents are sheds that support the wind and rain, sunlight and for temporary living on the ground.It is mostly made of canvas, and it can be removed and transferred at any time together with the support. The function of outdoor tents is generally reflected in the basic functions such as windproof, rainproof snow, mosquito prevention, and ventilation.

There are three seasons in the seasons: light, generally useful in spring, summer and autumn, the gentle climate of the three seasons, the ventilation performance is good; the four seasons are strong, ventilated and breathable, can support snow and strong winds, and can be used in the cold winter.Generally, the mesh cloth is used for three seasons to ventilate, and the first floor is the breathable cloth used to keep warm in winter.The top alpine tent may not rain.

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