Soft outfit display room | Nick Ross tea room seat series simple cocoon shape creates clean and soft

The purpose of Nick Ross is in the Tearoom seat series

Combining plush interior with the outline of minimalism

The series was designed by the Scottish Swedish designer for the furniture brand Menu.

The Tearoom series is characterized by three elegant arc chairs and a sofa, which can provide low or high back to create a cocoon shape.

The Tearoom series uses a full -cushion chair and a simple cocoon shape

Ross hopes to create a comfortable potential through a simple geometric form through this series.

He was particularly inspired by the willow chair of Charles Rennie Mackintosh, which was designed by Scottish architects for the willow tea room of Glasgow in the early 1900s.

This series also includes a sofa

“When creating a clean outline, the designer Nixros was very careful to inject an exciting comfort for each inch of each design,” Menu said. “The lines are bent softly to ensure that the outline of the furniture complements our own outline.”

Tearoom series includes clubs and side chairs, as well as

Cjoin chair with a rotating base.


Tearoom series





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