SKII, L’Oreal’s hormone, YSL, Lancome, Shiseido carcinogenic, lead mercury content exceeds the standard? This pot is not back!

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There are 315 nuclear radiation in front, and SKII -containing hormones. These two days have been occupied by these two news. I was quiet, quiet, sitting with a small bench and sitting out without saying a word.

In this list. List the list of skin care products containing hormones. Well -known cosmetics brands such as SKII and L’Oreal Whitening Series are on the list. At the same time, the list of imported cosmetics with severe tongs and mercury content. Outbreak, public opinion was uproar.

Dear friends don’t think this list has seen it last year, and I saw it the year before. I have seen it the previous year. People, can’t be impetuous, calm down to see …

Before and after the CCTV 315 party, this list will appear on a title. In fact, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine has made many rumors, but the rumors are still more than.

From 2008 to the present, this article has been circulating for eight years. Some people believe it! Relevant departments have already declared fake! Over the years, every time 315 will be spread!

I couldn’t ask me as a big brand like SKII and Shushengtang before. The effect was so good, whether there were hormones. Will the skin dependencies?

I will answer patiently every time, not. The reason why big brands of skin care products are expensive and effective is my own R & D patent and technology. And some skin care products are gradually helping you improve your skin problems. On the contrary, if you use some kind of micro -quotient, you can change your face for a few days, then you can add hormones ~

So this pot SKII, YSL, Shiseido, etc. are not back.

People have been misunderstood for 8 years, and they do n’t recommend something, it seems that they are quite sorry for them. Come on, this is here!

SKII fairy water

What is the most powerful in the fairy water is that no matter what your skin is, it can help your skin back to the most healthier state, and even set the skin age directly at the age you start to use! And the use step is simple to not ~ as long as you use the lotion after using the lotion, pour it on the cotton pad as a pre -makeup essence, it is a bit of water -shaped essence! When the skin is in a condition, the cotton pads are more likely, and the youth is wet and wet to the face! You can quickly adjust the skin to the perfect state and accelerate the effectiveness of maintenance!

SKII amino acid facial cleanser

It belongs to amino acid cleansing, low bubble, moisturizing! Double -clean and clean effect can completely completely clean the skin on the skin. At the same time, cleaning and conditioning your skin, it also has excellent washing power, can deeply penetrate your skin and completely cosmetics on the skin. The hydrophilic formula is easier to wash, and the skin does not have discomfort. Mild weak acidity also reconciles your skin pH acid and alkali value, which can better protect your meticulous skin. It is rich in vitamin E to promote the blood circulation of the skin and slow down the aging of the skin. It does not contain spices and pigment mildness and will not stimulate the skin!

SKII muscle source diamond light essence

Concentrated Pitera to give full play to the effect of 7 balanced skin care. Improve the role of whitening activity ingredients. The new achievements of SK-II for more than 10 years have been certified as “whitening ingredients” by Japan. The whitening effect of 5 times acidic acid can effectively inhibit the synthesis and transportation of melanin, and prevent the formation of pigmentation. Improve uneven skin tone, make the skin translucent, and whiten the essence of cedar. Help the glycoslation of collagen and keratin, the texture of the emulsion, and efficient penetration.

SK II skin care essence lotion

Make the skin of SK-II Pitera natural liquid beauty, to the maximum effect! For dry and aging skin, it has a stable and moisturizing effect, making the skin soft and elastic, mild, soft, moist, and easy to melt skin, which can cure young and smooth skin. Do not contain flavors and pigments.

SK II ex -boyfriend mask

Natural yeast essence contains alcohol and pigments at all. The material of the mask is thick and not very convincing. The material is high -grade woven material. The soft material is more likely to lock the essence components, give living cells, and promote metabolism.

YSL Saint Laurent Tube Lipstick

Before you, you asked for this product, and a fake list was thrown away?

YSL air cushion BB cream

There is no exaggerated greasy light, and the skin shines low -key and luxurious texture after use. In the instant of the plantation of the plantation fog, the rehabilitation prescription will immediately convert the texture, lightly and perfectly fit the skin, reveal the fashion fog light, and bring the skin to the skin with great long -term moisturizing power.

YSL Supermodel Floral Foundation Foundation

The new version of the supermodel is more suitable for mixed skin, naturally clear and full of luster. Uniform skin tone, covering defects, can effectively brighten the dull area of ​​the skin without producing granular impurities, easily enhance the three -dimensional features and facial contour.

Shiseido CPB whitening makeup pre -milk milk

The two types of moisturizing essence make the skin full of transparency, and the surface of the whole skin is deeply filled with the fine structure of the corner nano structure to improve the foundation of the foundation. In the first makeup, the light pink slightly pearl light feels delicate and delicate skin tone that can be given uniformly skin tone. Adding whitening ingredients “Drives” is the whitening of the skin while covering the spots. Freckles guard the beautiful skin color; the exclusive “maintenance light powder EX” enhances the skin barrier function “Sixteen Night Rose Fruit Extract Extract” to prevent skin oxidation.

Shiseido CPB Water milling essence

CPB water mill beauty solution is also called Qin muscle tight honey, mainly for acne and pores, so that the skin becomes shiny, which is called the “polishing” effect. Water milling is essence water, not a lotion. It is used in the middle of water and milk. It should be used with their cotton pads. Suitable for mixed oil skin, acne or acne skin.

Ipsa Yinfusa Liu Jinshui

There is no alcohol, water and oil balance, and for some adult acne and acne, closed mouth, rough skin, can make the skin delicate and moisturize, and can evenly skin color and whiten. Prevent some beans and closed mouths caused by excessive water and skin oil.

IPSA Infusa’s self -discipline circulating milk

The R series is moisturizing. The main effect is moisturizing and solving the skin rough and acne.

The EX series is whitening. The main effect is whitening, uniform skin tone, creating plain skin, and moisturizing.

The S series is to repair anti -aging. The main effect is whitening and light spots. At the same time, antioxidant and firming. Of course also moisturize. In fact, there is a combination of moisturizing and whitening series ~

The soothing series is moisturizing, anti -allergy, repairing barrier, main effects, repairing barriers, reducing redness stimuli ~ At the same time, hydration and moisturizing ~ In particular, this soothing series is no alcohol ~

Shiseido Yuewei Eye Cream

Actively improve local wrinkles, high -functional beauty liquids that are applicable to the eyes and corners of the mouth. Shiseido’s latest technology has developed the purest and stable state of vitamin A. It is not easy to oxidize and more effectively penetrates. Effectively alleviate the roughness of the skin’s injury. The repair ingredients penetrate deeply, and when they are applied at night, they wake up in the morning, and the skin is moist and tight.

Shiseido Baitou Eye Cream

Baiyou is a single -product skin care series in response to various signs of skin aging. This eye cream is effectively firming the skin of the eye, improves the contour of the eye, dilutes dark circles, bags under the eyes, nourishes the skin around the eyes, and reshapes the wicked eyes.

Shiseido The Ginza facial cleanser

The foam is rich, and the skin is tender and smooth after washing. The selection of polluting ingredients is used to remove excess ingredients, and it will never destroy the moisturizing environment of the skin. Because this is the most cutting -edge brand in Shiseido, only Japan is released in Japan. There are only Japanese Ginza General Stores, Empire Hotel Stores, and major international airports in Japan. Generally, the Shiseido counter is not available!

Shiseido Hongyan Muscle Living Essence

Prevent aging, environmental damage and emotional pressure. This immune system is very complicated and consisting of a variety of cells, among them, the role of Langeham’s cells is particularly important. Ultimune is the first and only skin care products that can play the effect of skin immunity directly in Langeham’s cells and improve skin immunity. Shiseido poured 20 years of research results in Ultimune, pioneering new fields of skin care research, focusing on the cells that regulate skin immunity, giving excellent repair effects.

Okay, that’s it today, I hope it is 315 every day.

In order to answer your doubts, the above is what we have organized about Circular Tube Vacuum Decompression Concentrating Pot for Pharmaceutical Medical, hope it can help you.