Which celebrity wedding that has exploded in the entertainment industry in recent years is strong, Wu Yanzu’s forest wind is desirable

Marriage is one of the major events in a person’s life, and most people try to leave deep and good memories at the wedding. Celebrities are no exception, let’s take a look at what the celebrity weddings that have exploded in the entertainment industry in recent years are like!

Jay Chou and Kunling’s wedding took the luxury princess style of the court, this wedding satisfied all the fantasies of the girl about the wedding, and Jay Chou and Kunling walking on the red carpet were like princes and princesses.

Kunling’s wedding dress has a long tail, and there is a hollow heart behind it, and the beautiful wedding dress is also full of girlish hearts.

The wedding venue is in a castle, and the very European retro style church adds a luxurious and noble atmosphere to the wedding, which is the dream wedding location for many people.

Huang Xiaoming and Yang Ying’s wedding is also a high-end luxury route, it is said that this century wedding cost 200 million, whether it is true or false is unknown, but the wedding scene is still very amazing.

The purple light sets off the noble and cold atmosphere, and the red carpet uses light to type “ah”, taking the initials of Angelababy and Huang Xiaoming, which is enough to see the intentions of the whole wedding.

The scene is decorated with flowers, which is extremely exquisite and luxurious.

Yang Mi and Liu Kaiwei’s wedding was held outdoors, and the outdoor wedding gave people a fresh and simple feeling. The ceremonial platform made of pavilions, paired with white tulle guest chairs, and decorated with flowers, gives a feeling of purity.

Lin Xinru and Huo Jianhua, a husband and wife, have been friends for many years and finally become dependents, which is enviable. The wedding scene was also outdoors, and the guest seating was also decorated with white and flowers. The happy smile on Lin Xinru’s face makes people feel that it doesn’t matter how the wedding scene is, the important thing is to be around the right person.

The whole venue is mainly decorated in pink and white, which not only shows the sacred whiteness of the wedding, but also satisfies the girlish heart of the girls.

The wedding of the male god Wu Yanzu and his wife was chosen in the forest, and the wedding scene was very simple and simple, but the appearance of the male god suddenly raised the style of the wedding.

Only a few relatives and friends were invited to the wedding, which can be said to be very low-key. But this kind of wedding close to nature is also what many literary and artistic young people yearn for.

Watching the weddings of so many stars, it is really dazzling, the style is different, which is better is difficult to distinguish, in fact, the wedding is just a ceremony, the most important thing is a lifetime of happiness, I hope everyone can harvest sincere and happy love.

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