The shape of the teapot can be roughly divided into three categories: flowers, light, gluten, the most common models. Luminous goods change in geometric shapes, pay attention to the combination of outer contours, face, line and corners, with natural simple, concise, elegant winning, expressing their vitality with a simple form, deeply loved The shape of the light is also rich, and the so-called “square is not one, the circle is different”.

Xi Shi


Mr. Xu Youquan first created, and the shape of the pot is like the breast milk, the flow is shorter, and the shape of the inverted ear, the cover is closed, the bottom is close to the bottom.

2. Wen Dynasty

Wen Dynasty created in the unclear, shaped and Xi Shi, Gui Pot, “Wen” refers to softness, appearance, and vessels; “Dan” metronial role. The Wen Dynasty pot is also like a fruit pomelo, the woody pomelo, golden, and the sweet gangs, the golden color itself is a beautiful color, and the mature fruit is clean and sweet.

3. Half moon pot


The half-moon pot has always been a simple place in a simple, elegant territory, from ancient times. The so-called “Monthly Sending Acacia, Half Moon Wanli”

4. Stone ladle pot

The earliest called “stone hustle”, “stone scoop” after Gu Jingzhou. The pot body is trapezoidal, the curve is soft and smooth, and the shape is very simple. Football is a three-pointed support, which gives people a sense of light and steady. The body of the pot is formed, causing a surface in a marked angle, and is also straight, and there is a simple temperament.

5. Antique pot

“Antique pot” is round and delicious, simple and unlimited, flying natural, elegant, smooth lines, appropriate ratio, elegant and unparalleled, quiet and indifferent.

6. Well Cap


As the name suggestion, its styling originated from the wellbore, similar to the guardrail next to the ancient well.

7. 掇球 壶

The glutinous pot is a typical geometric traditional bottle, and is also one of the best purple sueds. Its basic model is a kink, a pot, and a body pot. The pot is composed of spheres arranged in large three sequential sequentials, and the pots are big balls, and the pot cover is a small ball, like a small ball on the big ball, so tall the ball pot.


8. 掇

“掇 掇” is a kind of pot type in the shaped pot shape, earliest from the hands of Yixing Pot Master Shao Daheng. Its shape is like a lot of spherical and hemispherical shapes, because there is a contracted stack in Chinese, so this type of hop is called a 掇 掇.


9. Qin Quan Pot

After the Qin unified six countries, the “right” is the scale used to weigh the weight, and Qin Quanbo is imitated.

10. Slug


The eggplant pot, the shape is inspired by the branched eggplant, with the pottery as the pot, vivid and interesting; fullness, and the tension treatment is between the whatever; the echo is natural and smooth, and it is like one.

11. Horizontal pot

Because drinking “Kung Fu Tea”, it is necessary to put the pot in a tea bowl or tea, and a boiling water is pouring the teapot. In order to allow the pot to be kept horizontally when the pot can be kept in the water, but not only the pot and the pot should be coordinated, but also the weight, the weight is equal, so the level pot.

12. Virtist


The virtual flat is the most rare type of traditional whole handmade in the purple sand, the jarker “is flattened, the shape is difficult to shape”, from the enamel tube, then use “mud beat” to gradually shoot so flat, force Uniform, flat can’t collapse, is a great challenge for all hand-working skills.

13. Laughing cherry lot

It is said that the model of “smiling cherry” is originally from the historical allusions of “Baby Ning Xiao” – “Baby Ning Smiles”. The pot type has a heavy solid, there is a non-compromised tumbanese style, and there is a hipster. Several colors of the blending and harmonious adjustment, showing the spirit of “gentleman and different” in traditional culture.

14. German pot


“German” pot type is a clock, “German” is a rhetoric, and is the most representative of Shao Daheng’s German. The system-shaped end isas, the proportion coordination, the structure is rigorous, the mud color purple, the best in the best day. The performance of the skills has achieved the peak of purple sand traditional underlying skills. The pot is very good, comfortable, the shape is simple and simple, and it is a fear of the Qing Dynasty.


15. Dragon Eggot

Dragon eggot is a classic class in the teapot type, and its smooth and lovely style is deeply loved. Naming with “Dragon Egg” is a beautiful wish and pin, round and lovely style, auspicious meaning, let this “dragon egg” add a kind of odor and childish. It is small and exquisite, the pot body is the egg, the pot is smooth, the short mouth is straight, and it is convenient to take it.

16. Pan pot

It is derived from a Cantonese of Pan Shicheng, first-year-old to Yan Jia, and is tired to two wide salt transport. Pan’s hobby tea, its customized teapot is fixed, and it is used to fall on the edge of the print. The bottom of the pot and the bottom of the pot and the printed printed are the “Pan” printing of Yangwen. Due to the sound of Pan, the world is called the “Pan Pot”. Inspector is a smart persimmon, “Shi Pan”; the equipment is slightly high, the near-flat sphere is “in Pan”; the equipment is high, the pearoid is “Gao Pan”.

17. Weekly Packer

It creates a master of Mr. Mentaz. Although the compass is like a copper spoon, the surface is round, but he insisted on himself. This pot is round and not losses, and the week is too strong, it is endless, or the big vision, the width, let the big wind big waves, I am still moving. The pitch neck is flat, the flat cover, the muddy is rolling, the road is in the middle, and the rhyme is seen in the verticalness. The meaning is the world, the tolerance is large, and it can be succumbed.

18. Han Dao


Han Dao, the 即 汉 朝, 为 大, 钟 meaning.


19. Hanwire


The harmonium is one of the places, and many artists have imitated such models, cylindrical pots, and preaching, short floods. Cover is flat, the bridge button.

20. Beauty shoulder pot

Beauty shoulder Ziha pot is like an ancient woman, there is a love, and the grace of the court is, and it is no longer a happy enchanting. The shape is full, generous, to reflect the round pot body, the pot and the pot should be integrated, there is no gap, touch it with hand, can feel its warmth.

21. Cylindrical pot


The cylindrical is one of the pots of Mansang design. The cylindrical is used to withstand a piece of pad of the housing column pressure. In ancient times, the ancients was rotted and rotted in ancient columns, so on the bottom of the wooden pillar, a stone pier was separated from the ground, and it played a relatively moisture-proof effect. With the cylindrical, it is chic and beautiful, and it has also shown its steady, and this pot type has been circulated.

22. Tang Yuhu

“Tang Yu” is a pre-elevatic shape, which is a classic of the innovative series. The creation is derived from the feather pot in the court in the Tang Dynasty. Its shape is very close. Tang people drink tea is different from today. It is a bit similar to the current coffee. Therefore, the handle of the pot is generally slender, like a wings. Feel. Its ideas can also interpret the pot of the Tang Dynasty. It seems to have a time and space in his hand, revisit Tang Feng, and reproduce history.


23. Dongpo


Chuan Dongpo likes to drink tea, the purple sand tea pot at the time is small, drinking tea. Su Dongpo has bought a purple sand, and I want to make a large pot, a few months. One night, the bookkeeping books came to the lantern to ask Su Dongpo to eat the night, Su Dongpo looked at the lanterns, clicking this made a big belly lantern pot, because it is not easy to take, so the mud, make a handle It is like a beam in the house, so I named the “leaming pot”. Later, in order to commemorate the big literary, the future generations referred to this beam type pot.

24. 鹧鸪 鹧鸪 梁

The shape of the beam pot is a flat round pot body, and the handle is a three-pillar of the side, looking like a flying bird’s head, the original man is named “鹧鸪Thrap Pot “, hit the blood wail on this exterior imitation bird’s pot.


25. Huaying pot


This pot is the cultivation of Gu Jingzhou according to the traditional pot body, from “掇球”, named Huaying. The work is picking up, the cover is round, the pot body is round, the three rounds of stacks are on the bottom of the circle, the spirit, look like the bloom, the expression of the expression is: the flower of the surprise.

26. Datin beam

At the beginning of the Ming Dynasty, the teapot is generally large. One of the biggest contributions in Dashibin is the “changed to small”, “modified as Ya”, laid the basic aesthetic tendency of the teapot, so that the teapot can enter the literati life, become a cultural class, improve The cultural connotation of the teapot. This also makes Dashibin become the first high mountain in Zisha Zone, so that countless future generations.

27. Watsu


Mimitation of ancient utensils, is one of the shape sources of the Zisha pot, the wattage pot is imitation Han Dynasty, the style is unique, and the general pot body is a wattage, the shape is mainly in the geometric line, the formation specification is, the line is smooth, and the pot is very accurate. Inscription.


28. 帽 壶


The porcelain style created by the Yuan Dynasty is named by the mouth shape, the shape is the mouth, the first low, the duck shape is flow, the pot cover is lying in the mouth, bomck, drums, circle, Crank, has a strong minority style. The element-shaped body in the middle, the pot neck is thicker, the pot is slightly short, the mandarin is slightly long, the cleans are slightly high, the abdomen is slightly thin.

29. Sifang Pot

There is a saying in the field of square pot: “Fang Nai, Fang Zhong Appeal”, meaning that the shape of the shape is not allowed to make the pattern on the line, the party is not lost, and it is still safe. It mainly has several basic shapes such as Changong, Quartet, Six-Party, Eight-Party, Casual, Fragings. The beauty of the square is more than the point of the point, and the space refers to the straight line of two points. The secondary space is a variety of faces in the plane. The three-degree space is a stereoscopic concept. The four-degree space is added. Turning time.


The biography pot, the style is elevated, the style is elegant, and there is an ancient wind rhyme, which is a good product.


31. Acache pot

This pot is a manns and great, so this pot is beautiful, so-called foggy water, red apricots in forest, classic, smell. This pot is extremely rich, and it is a great idea.


32. Ocean


Since the creation of the Purple Sand Sand Barrel in the Early Qing Dynasty, it is very popular with its style, easy to use, easy to use, easy to carry, easy to make the bobbin, and accept the most 茗 光 爱 器 类 经 经 经 经One of the traditional works.

33. 匏 匏 壶

The image of purple sand “匏 匏” pot, creative from this kind of bitterness, harmony, lonely, quiet, and has a thick and rounded after maturity.


34. Gourd

The gourd pot is a model in Mentaz. The shape is a gourd. The pot is short and slightly tight, and it is half-ring, and the top has a set of ring knocks decoration, and the love of the art. The line is mainly rounded, very smooth.

35. 匏 匏 壶


The pumpkin pot is one of the 18th style of Mentaz. It is also the wonderful work with the mandarinous gourd. However, in its unique, it is unparalleled. Acacia.


36. Tang Pot

“Tang Po” is originally hot water placed in a flat round pot that is heated, generally made of copper tin or ceramic or the like. After making a pot, the ancient ancient monk has a niche style, the pot type is simple to the extreme, and the simple transcendence, the practical super. The pot is full, the pot is very beautiful, and the elegant is simple, it seems that pure practical but is a must.


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