White cotton textile is an item that often usage in our daily lives, such as white shirt, white sheets, white pillowcase, white towel, white socks and other things that are often in contact with the human body. It is difficult to see. No matter whether it was washed with a washing machine or wash it with hand washing.


There are many reasons for yellowing:

1, the clothing increases with the increase of the number of washing, there will be some faded phenomenon, and the product with good dyed quality is easy to restore the white and white, and the product is not good. It is difficult to recover.

2. In addition to the inorganic salts, urea, the sweat, which also contains various acidic substances such as lactic acid, fatty acids, and amino acids, not completely washed, and the oxidation of air is yellowed.


3, sun exposure and high temperature roasting will also lead to yellow.

4, clothing will also be yellow.



1. Avoid exposure to the sun.


2. Avoid clothing to moisture, and store the clothes to keep ventilation and dry.

3. Multi-rinse when washing clothes and avoid residual.

The following methods can be used for the yellow-shaped clothing:

1. If it is small area, you can use white vinegar soak, or you can add a small soda to remove stains.

2. If it is a large area, you can use a bleach (84 disinfectant) soak, and then rinse.


3. For stubborn, other methods are not obvious, and a high-temperature washing method can be used. If your washing machine has a washing temperature adjustment, you can rinse the temperature up to 90 degrees. If you don’t have, it doesn’t matter, you have a big pot, put the clothes in the pot, add water to the clothes, then fire. The stubborn stains are detached from the clothing with high temperature cooking, and then rinse with water until the clothes are clean and white.