Now, in addition to descending down, cotton and other materials, coral velvet in household goods, especially the frequencies appearing on the bedroom supplies, pajamas, blankets, quilt, bed sets, etc. can see coral velvet. What kind of fabric is the coral velvet? What is the advantages and disadvantages? And listen to Xiaobian to tell you, see if you can get your favor.

What is a coral velvet?


Coral velvet is a fabric produced by imported DTY microfibers as raw materials, and there is a common DTY150D / 288F, DTY150D / 144F. Coral velvet is a new textile fabric with excellent color, coral-shaped. The reason why it is called coral velvet, because it is high in fiber density, a coral shape, is covered, it is like a soft and soft body, color. The texture is delicate, and there is no stimuli for the skin. It feels comfortable and soft, beautiful appearance, so you will receive people’s love.

Advantages of coral velvet


1, feel


Compared with other textiles, its feel is more soft and does not fall, easy to die. Coral velvet blankets are thin filaments, and the curved modulus is small, and thus its fabric has outstanding softness.

2, good optical


The fiber specific surface area is large to make the light reflection of the surface of the fiber assembly is poor, and therefore, this fiber made of fabrics, the color is elegant, soft.


3, good to take

The coral velvet has a higher core suction effect and gas permeability, and the dress is comfortable; the fiber fabric is soft, and it can be closely fitted with the wiping object, with a strong cleaning effect.

4, the coverage is good

Due to the high density between the fibers, coral velvet is larger, and therefore the coverage is good.

5, good water absorption

Excellent water absorption is three times that of cotton products.

Diffility of coral velvet

1, fur / floating phenomenon

Coral velvet is not no shortcomings, where there is a general existence is the phenomenon, mainly due to its woven principle, mainly due to the reason.

Because of the special technology of coral velvet, its thickness is high, thin section is low in density, thin texture weave is relatively sparse, so thin money will fill it is affirmative. Moreover, there will be some floats on the fabric after shearing the hair, in fact, only one overhead washaul, can solve the problem.

2, not applicable all people


Because it will drop the floating hair, Xiaobian is here to recommend that the skin is allergic and asthma should avoid wearing the fabric.

3, electrostatic phenomenon

Coral velvet is easy to produce static electricity, dry winter skin, clothing can wear moisturizer, or use the electrostatic washing liquid when washed.

After reading the introduction of Xiaobian, the small friends can compare their own needs, and then decide whether to buy coral velvet products, after all, home supplies are better than reasonable, and important is to fit themselves. In fact, if you are not a skin allergic or asthma patient, you can try it with this fabric.

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