Busy a day, take a look at the book on the bedside backplane at night, brush the phone, this is probably a rare casual moment of adults. So, what is the material you want to choose?

According to the material of the bed, there is a solid wood, wrought iron, skin art, fabric, etc. according to the material of the bed. Different materials of the bedside back, the style effect and characteristics are different.


1, fabric bedside backrest


The fabric bedside is comfortable, the texture is soft, suitable for modern home style. However, the fabric bedside is not dirty, it is easy to make ash, and it is necessary to clean and take care.

2, leather bedsiderest

The leather bed is backed by the veteran, the texture is luxurious, suitable for European style. Compared with the fabric, the cortical design is more dirty, most of the stains can be wiped clean, but the price is not cheap.

3, solid wood bedside

The solid wood bed is not high, and it is generally necessary to use a pillow. However, the solid wood bed is very durable, and very dirty, suitable for simple, Nordic, Japanese style and other styles.


4, metal bedside backrest

The iron metal bedside has obvious style features, suitable for personalized decoration, more common in light luxury style. Like solid wood, metal material is also dirty, but the comfort is poor.


5, solid wood + leather art combination

Solid wood + leather art combination bedside, there is a space characteristic of solid wood backrest, and there is a comfortable quality of the leather art bedside.

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