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In the past two years, the invasion of smog days has made many people who have won the door to wear masks. In Jingdong, Tmall and other merchants, we can’t buy professional anti-fog masks, but the baby is traveling, how to choose, Have you considered it? Or, you will wear your baby into a pop-up cover, which is completely not we expected. Let’s take a look at it, how to choose the baby’s mask.

1. Clearly select the purpose:

The purpose of the baby wear mask is clear, mainly to isolate foams and resist all kinds of pathogenic bacteria.

2, texture and level

Since the mask is a hygiene and health care, it will play a health and protective role when wearing a suitable, and if the part is improper, it is as dummy. Now the masks of medical treatment are mostly one-time, not suitable for your baby.

Common masks are generally stitched by skim cotton sandbu folds, and the masks of the three-layer sandbird can block 70% -80% of bacteria, and the masks of the six-layer sandbird can almost block 100% bacteria.

In order to wear a mask, it will not be too stuffy, usually 6-8 layers should be used. On the choice of baby masks, comfortable cotton materials in comfort, breathable cotton materials.

Precautions for using masks

3, no beautiful mask:

The exquisite mask often contains too high, the cotton volume is very low, easy to static, damage the face skin; the mask of the cotton material, good gas permeability, distant static electricity, can protect the face skin. In addition, the exquisite gauze used by the exquisite mask is only 3-5 floors, which is difficult to effectively filter viruses and dust in the air.

4, size selection:

雾霾天强悍来袭 宝宝口罩怎么选?

The filtering of the mask focuses on the nose. It is necessary to adjust the size of the size according to the baby’s age, adjust the size, 8-10 cm large mask is best for your baby. The mask is too small, then the pathogen, dust, and pollution are easily accessible from the edge of the mask or the nasal sides of the sides, affecting the filtration.

1, inside and outside the mask can not be used alternate: in the prevalence of the influenza and respiratory infectious diseases, the baby must wear a mask, and the mask can only be used one side. The mask wearing, the outer layer will accumulate a lot of dust, bacteria, and the inner layer blocks the exhaled bacteria, saliva, so the mask should not be used alternately.

2, how to temporarily save the mask: The mask should be stacked in the clean envelope and will be stacked in the side of the nose. Do not put the pocket in the mouth or put it in an unsanitary cloth. Usually, it is best to prepare more masks and can be replaced.

3, no longer time wearing a mask: Most of the baby has contradicts the wear mask, so the time to wear a mask is long, the baby will not cooperate.

4, timely cleaning masks: wear masks, cleaning once a day. When washing, first use boiled water for 5 minutes, then use laundry powder and so on, dry it, and hang it to ventilate. The mask of activated carbon filtration cannot be cleaned and it will destroy its adsorption. This type of mask is to “abandon” after wearing more than ten hours, do not reuse, so as not to cause respiratory diseases.

Summary: When the outdoor activities, wear a mask for the baby cannot be exposed to the outside of the mask, which will lose the role of protecting the respiratory barrier.

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Precautions for using masks