Every winter will be approaching, but every year is better. Even with the same piece of clothes, the new year will wear a new feeling.

Down jacket wearing every year, how do you make it a new look this year? Try the combination of long down jackets and thick, this year, try warm and hipster double combination ~


First, pre-preparation

Before wearing a down jacket, we must first prepare for work, solve a few questions about down jackets:


Q1. How long is the down jacket?


First of all, how long is the long down jacket, is it a long down jacket? We use the roots of the thighs.

The length of the down jacket above the thigh is short, and the length below the middle of the thigh is long.

So, how long’s down jackets can let us wear a good look and keep warm?

Skim or thin people, recommended to choose from the down jacket above the calf belly


High son or big skeleton, nature should choose the length below the calf, the long down jacket above the ankle,

Use the loose profile of the down jacket to create a powerful gas field.

Q2. The relationship between the length and color of the down jacket?

In the same color, there will be different effects on the long short dow jacket. The long down jacket has a strong sense, so it is not too bright on the color.

Summarizing a sentence is: the longer down jacket, the color is going to get the foundation.

Q3. How should long down jackets selected?

The tall height of 160 and high children, the version of the long down jacket should be selected according to the type of body.

Pear shaped body is more suitable for A-shaped long down jacket, inverted triangles and thin h-shaped body suitable for 型 服 服. Fat H-shaped body and apple shape fit linear h-type down jacket.


For small children under 160 or less, the down jacket foundation change is not the most critical to the overall impact.

The most critical is the design of the down jacket, pocket, waist line and other details.


The hat should not be too large, the hats are not extended to both sides, and don’t feel too strong. Pockets or other accessories on the down jacket should be close to the upper body.

Second, down jacket related warm match

(1) Warm guidelines with down jacket: three-layer law

Experts who have long been engaged in outdoor activities tell us that they are divided into three layers, and each layer of clothing is selected according to different standards, so wear it to be effective.

The prime layer should choose to be able to dry the clothes,


In this way sweating, the inner layer will not be humid.

The intermediate layer only refers to the position of the garment, or it can be a plurality of stacked, but must choose fluffy or air stereoscopic structure.


For example, sponge structure of sweater, fluffy cashmere sweater, etc.

The outermost down jacket naturally pay attention to the most surface coating,

It is necessary to choose a material that is good, strong, and is not easy to humid.


Wills, cordurpells like easily absorbing water are not suitable.

(2) How does the down jacket take a warm and beautiful?

1 upper body warm work

(Dry goods)

The warmth of the upper body is mainly divided into three parts:


Heads in the head, shoulder and neck warm and warm in the chest and abdomen.

Head warm work can take advantage of all kinds of baseball caps, knitted caps that will be wrapped in the head. Shoulder and neck warm, can be selected, high collar sweater, etc.

The shoulder and neck thin-cut people recommend the election collar, and the face is wide and the neck is recommended to use a scarf.



Scarves sometimes use it as a warm single product, but also becomes important accessories.


For example, here’s dark blue long scarves, and the knitted cap forms a color echo, then match the down jacket on white, it seems simple, but it is more fashionable than before ~

2 lower body warm work

The warmth of the lower body mainly refers to the warmth of the hips and the legs.

Recommended to choose loose wide leg pants or skirt

In this way, we can overlay all kinds of warm leggings, plus velvet pants, and you will not be fat!

But need to pay attention,

If the skirt is a relaxed style, it is necessary to choose solid color or have a texture that is obviously dreamed. If you choose a wide leg pants, you need to choose a strong straightness.

Wear a thick pants in winter, it is easy to produce bloated feelings.

Therefore, it is necessary to pay special attention to the straightness of the trousers.

Just take this tobacco pants, whether it is the tailor of the foot, or the straight fold on the trouser tube, it can bring a strong straight line and flat feeling, so that there is a plus velvet structure in the inside, it can be very good Avoid stupidity. This kind of trouse type is what we should choose ~

3 foot warmth

Do a good job in keep warm, the most important thing is to choose a pair of shoes that can be packaged in ankle

. If it is a short boots, then it is best not to have too much gap between the boots and ankles.

Of course, the sock is also very important.

The choice criteria in the choice of socks and the selection standards in the innermost layer are the same. It is necessary to choose both easy to dry, and finish.

Recommended cashmere, not recommended to absorb absorbent and breathable cotton socks.


This little sister is very in place very in place. Shoes choose to have thickell velvet boots, wear as comfortable as stepping on clouds.


With the ultra-white dark blue long down jacket, the flat feeling is very strong, the organic bag weakened to weaken the swelling of the down jacket, convenient and fast, you can go out for a few minutes ~

(3) Trendy match with long down, thick inside: Do a good job in a part

After taking warm work, the problem is coming again: If the down jacket is equally thick, will it be very awkward?

This fear is not unreasonable, but it is indeed avoidable. Combine long down and thick in combination, I

We only need to focus on keep warm work in a part.


(Example 1) The above half body is key

This set of match is the maintenance of the above half body. The thick scarf and the double overlapping of sweaters and down jackets will be strict and strict.

The next half of the body is more simple and simple, only the simplest straight pants with naked boots,

This thickness of this thickness is completely created for short sons and chubby girls!

(Example 2) Key to keep warm in the leg

Of course, if your body is not in the lower body,

Instead, the upper half of the shape is more obvious, that can focus on the warmth of the lower body, and go to highlight the advantages of the upper body.

For example, you chose a low-collar sweater to show the clavicle and neck lines, with a down jacket, which appears to be particularly elegant and temperament. The lower body uses thick pencil pants and pipe boots, and the package is strict, with the light and elegant swan, and wear warm.


The down jacket should choose the most high length, the top of the most fascinating, the maintenance of the warmth is to lay a layered material, and do a good part of warmth.

This winter, the cold wind and triviality of your life can be outside this warm and thick down jacket. Thick but good-looking, you can fully presen your heart.


Wear this long down jacket this winter, with a good consumption, take you to feel the color of the winter!

(Dry goods)

(Dry goods)