Inappropriate selection of earrings can cause allergies, then

What materials are not allergic

? Square, take everyone, look at what material earrings are not allergic? Sterling silver earrings solve the ear swollen pain.

There are many girls who ignore the choice of earrings for beauty, and I don’t know if this is wrong. Many girls who have been in the ear can’t wait for the long-standing earrings, but the ear pus allergies will appear. The trend of the ear hole will come to a few waves every year. With the ear cave, almost any ear nap can be easily Hold. The style of the earrings is diverse, often picks up the eyes, but it should be worth paying attention to the material and comfort of the earrings. In fact, wearing sterling silver earrings can reduce the extent of earrutling inflammation.

But sensitive silver earrings recommended

Recommended 1: Danish Star 璀 银 银 银 银

什么材质的耳钉不过敏 纯银耳钉解决耳朵肿痛

The earrings of Denmark Pandora have been a big fire in recent years, and the unique style design is always so eye-catching. The starry sky has always given an infinite delusion, and the design of the five blunt angles also reduces unexpected injuries. In the middle of the dazzling crystal stone flashes, sterling silver is suitable for you for you. At the same time, you have added a beautiful.

Recommended 2: Gradient swan sterling silver earrings

The proud swan is proud of you, you are really good. Elegant gradient showing infinite charm, the shape of the white swan is almost suitable for each age, while the image of the swan also symbolizes the purity and beautiful, the material of sterling silver is almost allergies.

Recommendation 3: Korean cute cartoon sterling silver earrings

The cartoon of Korea Kakao Friends not only puts out of the girl’s child’s heart, and different cartoon images exudes different charm. Sterling silver material has also reduced the damage of the ear, reducing the chance of allergy. The pendant is caused by Schrohua Shiqi crystals, wearing on the ear, smart and simple.

Recommended 4: American zircon ladies sterling silver earrings

Do you dare not wear a favorite earrings because your ear is allergic? This earrings with Europe and America modern style should be payable! This ear nap of silver and 14k gold is created, and the polygonal diamond design is shining. Zircon material, very fashionable and casual. Gold and silver looks, always let you have a unique identity in the crowd.

Recommended 5: Shiny Quick Zircon Sterling Silver Earringe

Jewelry is the famous American jeweler, the perfect combination of flowers and arcs in white shiny zircon material. The material is made down the full ear nail. The face is more thin, and the material of sterling silver is allergic to you, you can also wear beauty.

Recommended 6: American daisy pure silver earrings

I like the allergies of daisies pay attention! The image of daisy occurs almost on any small jewelry in girls, and even ear nails are no exception. The sterling silver earrings of this small and exquisite daisy image of DAISY London have given youna lively, at the same time, sterling silver petals are also more chances.

Recommended 7: Parled cute puppy sterling silver earrings

The refinement of girls is always reflected in subtle. Many girls have a unique favorite of dogs. This puppy is the earrings, sterling silver materials suitable for allergies, and the earrings are small and exquisite, simple and fashionable, and diamond design caught people’s eye. A small sterling silver accessories can also make you easily allergic to you.

Recommended 8: Exquisite Champagne Gold Sterings

This laguna diamond-flap earrings use champagne golden lines, which gives people a noble feeling, and sterling silver has caused health. The design of the surrounding crystal shines, the gem is also hand-machined, and the entire earrings give people a beautiful generous feel.

Recommended 9: Exquisite lake blue spring pure silver earrings

You must pursue uniqueness, which is also from the US Crystaluxe brand, and it is, its color is a quiet lake blue. Silky silver ring design and lake blue center crystal showed a beautiful tranquility of girls, while silver and blue collisions will also look at girls more, bring a dream feel.

Recommended 10: Lucky four-leaf grass pure silver earrings

Girls always look forward to the legend of the four-leaf grass. The four-leaf grass itself symbolizes the blessings such as luck, good, peace. Jewelry’s crystal green four-leaf grass nail, under the silver, etc. # p # 副 标 # e # e #


First, I must go to the professional hospital, avoid infection, secondly, try to wear gold and silver ear, don’t wear fake, don’t wear fake, and finally choose to play in the autumn and winter season. After all, the sweat shower gel, etc., it is easy to cause inflammation and even pus absorption. Of course, if the ear has been inflamed, just take the earrings, do anti-inflammatory treatment as soon as possible, don’t be stubborn.

Wear ear nail precautions

First, prevent the earrings from accidentally falling off

1. Put the ear hole to select the thick ear nut, the silver needle diameter is in a stunned plug in the diameter of 0.7 mm or more;

2. If the selected silver nail

3. Sillennoids behind the small ring (barely tolerant) to ensure that it will not be hung to the pillow. These three wear methods, earplugs should have 2 mm voids with their ears to facilitate breathable, drugs, and rotation.

Second, in one month, the earrings are unexpected and then wear or want to change the other ear nages, and the inner wall of the scratching ear causon

Within one month in the ear, the skin regenerated in the hole has a process, just formed a thin layer of film, not enough to resist any slight blow to the outside world, during this period, such as the earrings accidentally fall off, hurt Or I want to change other ear nails, but I can’t wear it. I will cause scratching, bleeding, and bacterial infection. Some friends say that because the ear can’t be worn, it doesn’t matter. It is really thinking that it is oblique to wear it, so we need to worry about anywhere to pick it up within a month. It must be reasonable, and the earrings are accidentally falling off or the first transfusion is best to find a professional store to help you.

Third, the choice of silver nails

I feel that pain, I can’t wear the quality of the earrings, I can’t wear the quality of the earrings, and the shape of the staple head is related. Now there are many kinds of earrings earrings, some varieties are fine, and the ear n-end is cut after cutting. The end face is smooth, arc shape, comfortable; there are some silver ear nails (ring) processing techniques, simply processing of silver nails after cutting, nail ends and nail rods 90 °, edge sharp, for some lack of wearing earrings experience Friends, wearing this ear nail, the possibility of hanging the ear holes is large.

Fourth, do clean care

Some friends have been in the ear, they have always been very good, and they are not going to manage, sometimes hurts after hurting, bleeding, no timely anti-inflammatory care, leading to inflammatory pustules in the ear hole. Therefore, it is also important to clean care afterwards. There is an ear hole, alcohol, cotton swabs should be a standing product, and it should often use alcohol cotton to clean the gap before and after a month. It is like washing his face every day. The ear can’t be cleaned every day. Upper medicine care, can not be very good, only careful care can make the ear holes quickly and healthy.

What materials are not allergic