luggage tag

Jan 01,2022

Mark baggage while traveling with a custom-made luggage tag created on These tags feature different types of clasps to lock around suitcases securely. The custom luggage tags can be made for individual use or sets for the whole family. These labels help baggage to stand out from other bags for easy identification while traveling. 

The luggage tag options on are made from different durable materials ranging from leather to plastic. The tough design is meant to withstand multiple uses in order to last for a long time. The leather luggage tags may also withstand outdoor elements such as rain. The clasps to attach to baggage can be metal links or looped clasps. All tags are made to be easy to adhere and universal in style to be compatible with any type of baggage. This makes it useable on items such as suitcase handles or duffle bag straps. 

Personalize the look of the metal luggage tags by choosing solid colors or printed patterns. Choose the size and shape as well. For a more custom creation, add inscriptions such as initials or full names. For company use, make custom luggage tags with brand names or logos for advertising. Collections may also come in premade styles with sentimental mottos for added convenience. 

Browse the premade varieties or customize luggage tags with ease on These tags are easy to apply to any suitcase or baggage to properly identify them when flying or for any form of travel. The fun and bright colors make the tags suitable for all ages.