Before opening, I will tell you why I want to write this topic. At the beginning of 2021, Beijing Zhongmen Qingquan Mineral Water Factory announced bankruptcy, involving hundreds of thousands of yuan, through renewal, charge, buy gifts, etc. Many older people are being deceived. The author is also in it, 3 cumulative payments exceeded 1700 yuan, although the police station and other agencies are actively involved, but this fees want to recover still.

In addition to anger, more thinking, how many of this barrel drinking water market, now how many people are using, use the scene? How much does it take to spend the cost in the cost of replacement of a water purifier?

被奸商坑了几千块 一怒之下我买了三台RO净水器

How is the water quality of a canned water dispenser?

At present, as long as it is a wastewater drunk drinking water from the formal water plant, water quality can meet the standard. At present, the national standard is that the total number of colonies of drinking pure water should be ≤20cfu / ml, and the total number of colonies of drinking mineral water should be

So why, we still see a lot of things about the barrels of the barrels on the Internet? Answer is in the water dispenser, the water quality of the bottled water is no problem, but there is no problem in the water quality of the water dispenser, especially the bottled water is loaded on the water dispenser that is not cleaned, which will definitely become a bacterial petri dish. .

From the independent evaluation agency, Dad evaluation data can be seen that the drum water dispenser is completed in the overall cleaning, after 6 hours, the amount of cold water begins to increase, after 7 days, the number of florands exceeds 50,000. The water water part of the water dispenser has not changed much. Therefore, when answering this question, we have to dialectically, the water quality of the canal water dispenser is still, but the water quality of cold water is subject to the cleaning time and number of water dispenser.

被奸商坑了几千块 一怒之下我买了三台RO净水器

(In other words: Who is a bucket of drinking aater cleaning every day?)

So I want to not diarrhe, drink more hot water.

Source: Zhi (Dad Review)

Which scenes are still with a bucket of water drilling machine?

Since there are problems with bacteria exceeds the bacteria in the drums, then many scenes are in using bottled water machines? The answer is low cost and there is no additional construction of the upper water system.

In fact, in our daily living environment, the drum water dispenser is no longer suitable for this scene. Now, more and more people will choose to use the water-drinking water machine, easy to install, and the cost is relative to the bottled water. Say (5 yuan a barrel cost), in three years, the length is calculated, and the basic difference is different.

Not many places are reluctant to use direct drinking water, but is like 4S shop, shopping malls, banks, and office, this open environment, does not have the conditions of the upper water, so the straight drink machine is difficult, but the drums can be placed in any Local, not limited by construction and upper and lower water, and lower cost.

So where is the strength of the direct drinking water purifier?

You think about it, you will have a water dispenser, you can carry a bucket, change water to clean the water purifier, you want to drink a clean water, how difficult it is, plus itself is not big, but also put a water purifier Town space. Since the elders of the author were angry, the author bought three RO water purifiers and easily installed below the stove, and the installation of the direct and water purifier is also very simple. You only need two points. Yes, the first is where there is a place where the water purifier is placed. The second is that there is a power supply insert to ensure power supply.

Three sets of houses each set of millet 600g RO water purifier is no longer worried about drinking water

被奸商坑了几千块 一怒之下我买了三台RO净水器

Here to add a hard core knowledge point:

被奸商坑了几千块 一怒之下我买了三台RO净水器

Our common water purifiers include front purifiers, ultrafiltration water purifiers and RO reverse osmosis water purifiers.

被奸商坑了几千块 一怒之下我买了三台RO净水器


被奸商坑了几千块 一怒之下我买了三台RO净水器

It is also called a primary prefrocessor. Such water purifiers have a PP cotton filter, a activated carbon filter, a filter with a stainless steel net; the pre-filter filter accuracy is generally between 5 micrometers – 50 microns; mainly in the filtered water, the naked eye can see the big Particulate, such as rust, sediment, colloid, etc., so the water from this filter cannot be directly drinked, but it is more suitable for washing fruit.

沁 园 (truliva) home central front filter rainbow suction flush 4T / H large flux pipe filter water purifier pressure gauge monitoring FMP308 Jingdong price: 499 yuan

Ultrafiltration water purifier:

Using the ultrafiltration membrane as the water purifier of the core filter material; the microporous surface of the ultrafiltration membrane is physically sieved, and the harmful substances such as rust, particulate, bacteria, some viruses, colloids and some organic materials are removed, and maintain the pH. The value is unchanged, while reserving the dissolved oxygen and the human body in the water. Although the ultrafiltration water purifier can get mineral water, because the water quality of each region is different, it is not a way to completely removal, but there is no way to completely removal, but there is too much compared with the front filter. .

被奸商坑了几千块 一怒之下我买了三台RO净水器

Beautiful Midea home kitchen, lower white ultra-filter water purifier super-integrated core 5 seconds autonomous solidified filter retention minerals do not plug 零 水 m MU1861A Jingdong Sold Price: 699 yuan

RO reverse osmosis water purifier:

被奸商坑了几千块 一怒之下我买了三台RO净水器

It mainly uses reverse osmosis membrane as the core filter material, the filtration accuracy is as high as 0.1 nm; it is the most accurate model of all water purifiers; the water filtered from this type of machine is generally defined as pure water, so it is called a pure water machine. The RO reverse osmosis water purifier needs to be pressurized to operate through the pressure pump, and has a certain wastewater ratio, the three devices purchased by the author are the RO reverse osmosis water purifier, which is also very recommended to buy water purifier equipment. Small, do not occupy the place, and can filter the chemicals such as heavy metals. Direct drink is completely no problem. The only thing you need to consider is the replacement cost of the post-filter element. According to the 1 hour of water, the amount of water supplied, the cost of consumables is not more than 1,000 yuan.

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Edit opinion:

I have always thought that this thing to buy a bucket of drinking water card is a less reliable behavior, and most of the marketers vigorously promote the water card to buy a gift, we must take extraordinarily when the heart of the Pang scam occurs. Home water, I personally recommend directly using the RO water purifier, the price is not expensive, and it is also very comfortable. The only cost may be on the consumables (1 year consumables 1000). As for many people concerned, pure water does not have mineral water health, I want to add, if you are in a wide environmental water, the ultrafiltration water purifier does not effectively isolate chemical and heavy metal materials, then you feel drinking Which water is more insurance? So I think that the future RO reverse osmosis water purifier is the mainstream configuration of the home environment, and we need to drink water in public applications, try to choose bottled pure water or mineral water, if you must drink the water of the water drills, then you must To drink hot water, because only hot water can kill bacteria, avoid the situation of a stomach.