What? The bag has increased again! Do you have found that in these two years, the price of the big bag is high!

Many people are from

Anxious to start


Watching on the side

, My philosophy is, just like it, I don’t eat soil!

If you are considering in your life

First luxury bag

If you suggest you continue to look down, share the 5 big bags I have bought, and I have no regrets.

Not much to say, we entered the topic.

YSL NIKI Mid Telephone Pack

Reference price: ¥ 18700

I admit that the Niki is ineffective at the beginning, wrinkling Baba, but I can’t stand, so many female stars have rushed back.

Ouyang Na, Wei Wei, Xin Yu Lei, Zhang Yining, even super-mold Luo Si Handington – Whitley

It is also its fans.


After starting, I found that this crumpled skin is very real, and it is particularly soft, and the capacity is still big. I know it is good.

Shoulder, oblique, hand


Can be controlled. Anyway, I have already taken half a month, almost commuting, and it can be competent.


Because its skin is particularly soft, it makes it particularly easy to deform, so when placing, remember to take out the item, don’t put it, so ok.

I will take it with a dress everyday, and I can also take a lot of styles waiting for you to discover, I like to miss this.

Silino Teen Soft 16 Handbags

Reference price: ¥ 18500

Si Lin has new,



This package is really too wild, and any occasion can be back, the atmosphere is not fashionable.


I bought it.

Zhou Yuzhen

The same paragraph, yellowish brown, classic and wild, and

Qiao Xin, Sun Yi, Wen Yishan

Also have a mirror.

Of course


I am also a small black model, but there are more love yellow brown.

The whole bag is very soft calf skin, and the touch is very soft and delicate, so that the bag looks more exactly. so




I think this combination is very interesting, let it have a wild attribute.



White t-shirt



Holding this bag, there are many daily breath, inclined, side back, hand, and multiple back methods.


Chanel Coco Handel

Reference price: ¥ 30100


If you ask me, did you have any contact with Chanel? I will recommend you without hesitation –

Coco Handel



Coco Handel This is a one



Miss is named after name. still is

Old Buddha

Directive, one of the three classic bags of Chanel. The reason why the limited amount is called because the handle is used as a lizard skin, walking on the road absolute eye.


Its skin is

Litchi leather

In addition to good looking, it is very resistant, and the nails will not leave traces. At the beginning, I wanted to start black, I tried it too ordinary, I finally settled the blue body plus red handle.


There is also the shoulder strap design of this bag is too friendly. The length is not particularly long, and it is not short, and it is very elegant.



Floral dress


It is the most trend of wearing this year, you can wear in the summer, then this bag, proper workplace female elite.


LV Neverfull Medium Handbag

Reference Price: ¥ 12000


Once I once get can’t be



The value of the value is not a big shopping bag and it is very street. But as the age, the more you feel that the old flowers are very resistant.


It’s really fragrant after the upper body! The first LV bag of life is really necessary, Neverfull old flower. I bought a medium, rose, and the height 165 back is just right.

The quality of the bag has not been said,





What is the things can be contained, and many people are worried that they will not lose things. I don’t have anything, even if I take the subway security, it is fine.

Can put one inside


Liner bag

It is convenient to put some private items. Whether you wear an elegant dress, or a casual leisure, it seems that there is no set of styles that cannot be integrated.

Do you find out? The structure of this package is simple, and it is so practical, it’s super easy to get up, and you can still be aged, and you still have to wait.

Prada Cleo flip shoulder bag

Reference price: ¥ 17900


It should now be the most popular bag of Prada, I will start a

White models


The bright leather comes with mirror gloss, simple design plus round curve, is really too wild.

CLEO has three styles:

Level, flat, flip

. The flip model is obviously my dish, the capacity is enough, and it can be installed.

How to match, the ordinary T-shirt is shining in this bag, and the whole person is sweet and retro.

Its shoulder strap is very perfect, even if wearing a thick coat, put it under the armpit, nor will it be stuck. It is some no dirty, it is easy to leave a child, and others are very good ~

Ok, 5 bags will be recommended first, is there any of your heart? Message tells me ~

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