The prosperity of business is crucial for the future development of the city, and the birth of each famous business building symbolizes the bustling city. And the commercial level of a city is just a microcosm of the city’s comprehensive strength.

渭南宏帆广场A/B馆12月21日盛大开业 倾力打造城市都荟坐标

As a family-friendly country-owned enterprise, Chongqing Hongfan Group, Chongqing Hongfan Group, is strategic to the “urban complex” in China Third and four cities, “in Chongqing, Sichuan, Yunnan, Hainan, Shaanxi, etc. The city has developed a number of “Hongfan Plaza” projects, with a total development area of ​​nearly 10 million square meters, which greatly drives the leaping development of urban business. And penetrate into the bottom of each city, with a “city”, changed another “city”.

渭南宏帆广场A/B馆12月21日盛大开业 倾力打造城市都荟坐标

On December 21, 2018, the A / B Museum of Weinan Hongfan Plaza, located in the core area of ​​Weinan City, Shaanxi Province! With the opening of the “Huaxia’s roots”, “the city of China”, “The City of Culture”, since then, there is more fashionable trend.

On the day of opening, the A / B A / B in Weinan A / B is more than the industry expectation. From time to time, in the business day, the project can hand over such a perfect answer to see its unique business charm.

立城 Heart Heart Weinan Hongfan Square opens 100 billion business circles life

渭南宏帆广场A/B馆12月21日盛大开业 倾力打造城市都荟坐标

Weinan Hongfan Square is located in the heart of Weinan City, the northern gate center square and Dongfeng Street, south of Chaoyang Street, Xi Yue Road, the east, its resources is like Beijing Chang’an Street, the Jiefang of Chongqing, The location is the commercial center, administrative center, and economic and cultural center of Weinan City, and nuclear gathering and radiant customs-large-scale consumer market, which is bustling in Xi’an. Hongfeng Square is above this center, and the city is simultaneously upgraded to open a million-level city heart business circle.

As a large-scale city integrated city, the total construction area of ​​China-Enterprise Hongfan Group, the project is more than 800,000 square meters, which is integrated with high-end housing, large shopping centers, dining entertainment, fashionable business street, star hotel, high-end office building. Large urban complex. Hongfan Plaza, opened on December 21, built an exotic style movie theme shopping center, with a number of multi-Hall IMAX aaters, international sports brand specialist. In the next two years, Hongfan Square will also present commercial C to the D-Du, the total commercial area will exceed 200,000 square meters. At that time, in the theme of Qin Culture – Qin Street, and 150 meters high-rise buildings Five-star Crown Holiday Hotel will meet with Weinan consumers. With the whole world of Hongfan Square, the future will become a new landmark in Weinan, city new business card!

At the opening ceremony, the relevant leaders of the government of Linyi District, Weinan said: Xinnan Hongfan Plaza A / B is open, and new vitality is injected into the development of the Weinan business service industry. I hope that Weinan Hongfan Square can establish a good image of a first-class management, first-class service, first-class reputation, constantly leading consumption new fashion, and strive to build a new high place in the city’s commercial consumption. Make greater contributions!

Wang Wei, President of Chongqing Hongfan Group, said in the opening ceremony: As a large-scale professional real estate company, Chongqing Hongfan Group has passed 15 brilliant journey. In 2016, Weinan Hongfan Square became the first stop of Hongfan Group to enter the northwest. After the opening of the project A / B, Hongfeng Square will launch the International Global Championship in Yizhou Weinan, 2019 Hi World Street Dance Championship China Race Shaanxi The cultural exchange activities such as Weinan Field, Weinan City, and the Habitan Art Festival, will make Hongfan Plaza to become the business center, cultural center and living center of Weinan people, and fulfill the commitment at the beginning of the land – “Urban upgrade, Let the bustling sharing.

Chen Qingshun, general manager of Weinan City Hongfan Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., said in the opening ceremony: Since the start of the Weinan Hongfan Plaza project, it has been sincerely started until today’s business AB is glorious. At the same time, I also received the enthusiasm of the general public. In the future, Hongfan Group will use the high sense of responsibility and mission to the landmark of Weinan, and share the prosperity of the prosperity of the prosperity of Weinan people.

渭南宏帆广场A/B馆12月21日盛大开业 倾力打造城市都荟坐标

Employment city vitality Hongfan makes a one-stop MALL

Weinan Hongfan Square is positioned in “one-stop”, in the basic demand for consumer life, more concerned about consumer emotional needs and spiritual needs, use rich activities to enhance their business overall value, create independence The charming living space, building the most fashionable, cultural, trend, creative fashion casual shopping paradise in Weinan.

This A / B is open, Starbucks, Koala Adventure, Li Ji, People Kitchen, Shoes Clothes, Pote, Coco & Dezom, Love Premium, Heki, Alice, Which Putuo, Leyong, Dongdong Bag and other Weinan first into the brand gathered to Hongfeng Square, and together to build a new landmark in Weinan.

According to statistics, the project introduced a parent-child brand such as Koa, Babu, Demund, and two children; gather the people’s kitchen, Huang Jihuang Sanzui shabu, where the seafood noodles, youth hot pot, European passenger , Fishing songs, Dongdong bag, Chongqing Baroya spicy chicken public, fish, 李,, tits, spicy, music, grain diary, Xu Xian’s sour powder, a sour cow, Bobbiis, Shrimp crayfish sandwiches, honey, halonts, Eiffi, happy cat, spicy Bay and other popular catering brands; and join in the magic city net coffee, music pure K, Jiayu International Studios and other leisure entertainment brands, jointly promote The Lifestyle and Trend Consumption Upgrade in Weinan Region.

渭南宏帆广场A/B馆12月21日盛大开业 倾力打造城市都荟坐标

From the perspective of the project, the project is negative, the product is lifted, and the goods in rich, exquisite and lifetime will meet the daily life needs of consumers; the first floor is positioned in “Chaoshan”, with exquisite, fashionable, trend brand, Leading the front line of Weinan trend, meet the consumer demand of small and medium-sized production; the second floor with “Chao” is positioned, with a warm parent-child brand, interpret the happiness of Happy House; three floors, “Too” is positioned, with rich delicious, Picking the taste buds of the food of the food; four layers with “challenge” as the positioning, with the extreme shocking auditory, visual feast to bring consumers with a different perfect experience. The whole project is in Yonghui Supermarket, Jiayu International Studios, Kala Adventure, Fantasy City Net, Sheng Dao Sports Collection Store, and enjoy the six main stores of Le Shang KTV for commercial faucets, traction and drive new city fashion high-end consumption group, let The brand has a common problem, let the benefits create a sharing, and create a business operation mode belonging to the core unique in Weinan City.

On the day of the opening, the A / B Museum of Weinan Hongfan Plaza jointly launched a multi-discount and promotion, detonating a new round of consumption boom. As the completion of this year’s Hongfan Group’s opening business project, the A / B Museum of Weinan has brought a business and consumption model to urban and consumers. As a “one-stop capital mall”, Hongfeng Square has a unique positioning, the chic exotic architecture, a wealth of business portfolio, deeply influenced the Weinan city and consumption people. More than 200,000 physical layouts have long been limited to the consumer demand of a community, but more more interactions with urban development, and give urban new commercial vitality, create a new life for urban people.

渭南宏帆广场A/B馆12月21日盛大开业 倾力打造城市都荟坐标


渭南宏帆广场A/B馆12月21日盛大开业 倾力打造城市都荟坐标

The ancient language cloud: “The moon is the wind, the full rain.” The market market in commercial real estate is like nature, even the very weak signs can also indicate important changes. Therefore, for the Hongfan Square, the opening is just a first step, and in the later operation, it is possible to capture the pulse of development and operation with deep, sensitive insight into the truly winner, and finally lead New era of the Kingdom of Weinan. As a commercial masterpiece built by Hongfan, state-owned enterprises, we have reason to look forward to the development and future of Weinan Hongfan Square. Wanzhong eye-catching, Wanchang Yunji, join hands with Hongfan, win the future!