Diabetes is a very common chronic disease in clinical practice, and its incidence is related year by year, the emergence of diabetes and many factors, usually reduce the prevalence of the disease through reasonable ways, otherwise, once diabetes may cause health Obvious threat. Some people always stay at home, and it is equally possible to threaten health if they stay at home.

Is it easy to suffer from diabetes?

It is understood that people who often stay at home will have a higher possibility of diabetes. Because people who often stay at home have basically no exercise, long-term lack of exercise is also a reason that leads to high blood sugar. In the absence of exercise, the sugar substance intake in the body does not consume timely, and there may be an increase in blood sugar.


At the same time, it is also easy to decline in islet function after the age. At this time, insulin secretion is insufficient, and the decrease in islet function can cause blood sugar fluctuations. Therefore, usually avoiding regular houses at home, should be appropriately out of activities, guarantee sufficient exercise, promote the consumption of sugar substances, and prevent blood sugar.

Note what problems can avoid blood sugar fluctuations?

1, pay attention to the correct diet


In order to prevent rising of blood sugar, it should be threatened to health. It usually pays attention to the problem of diet, and the control of the diet is also effective measures to maintain blood sugar. Some people always love all kinds of sweets, and the largest effect in which sugar intake is to easily increase blood sugar. At this time, blood sugar fluctuations will cause diabetes deterioration. If you can maintain light diet, healthy diet, reduce the intake of sugar substances, health is guaranteed, preventing blood sugar from soaring health.

2, ensure sufficient sleep

In order to prevent a threat to health, it should ensure sufficient sleep, and sufficient sleep is also an effective measures to control blood sugar. People who always sleep at night can easily lead to endocrine dysfunction, and even reduce organ functions.


In the process of degradation of organ functions, it may have a decrease in islet function, and it will even affect blood sugar because of the accumulation of sugar in vivo. In order to control the level of blood sugar, it should ensure sufficient sleep time, and do it early. The body is reasonable, and naturally, it is not easy to have diabetes.

3, control your emotions

In order to prevent the increase of blood sugar, it should be threatened for health. In daily life, you should pay attention to emotional regulation, maintain a good mentality, the stability of blood sugar is also helpful. Some people always have bad emotions. In the process of emotional fluctuations, the endocrine function is easily disordered, and the hormone level fluctuations can be fluctuated when the endocrine dysfunction is obvious, and islet function will also be damaged. If you maintain a good mentality, use a peaceful mentality to face things in life, and it is not easy to cause blood sugar to fluctuate after the endocrine is maintained.

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